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A Guide on How to Play : Save the Dinosaurs Card Game

Welcome, fellow dino defenders and card game enthusiasts! You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re hunting for heart-pounding, fast-paced fun. Today we’re sinking our teeth into the rip-roaring, meeple world-saving dinosaur world of the madness ofย  Save the Dinosaurs โ€“ a card game causing an uproar in the gaming world!

save the dinosaurs game

‘Save the Dinosaurs’ differs from your average, simple card game run-of-the-mill card game. Oh no, this game requires quick thinking, fast reflexes, and a knack for outsmarting your fellow players (and those pesky velociraptors!). It’s like Jurassic Park meets Uno, with a dash of adrenaline-fueled fun thrown in for good measure!

So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking to add a new gem to your base game collection or a casual player seeking an exciting, easy-to-learn card game and board game, for your next social gathering, Save the Dinosaurs promises a wild ride. Fasten your seatbelts, folks – it will be a bumpy but oh-so-entertaining best dinosaur board games ride!

What is Save the Dinosaurs?

Hey little adventurers! ๐Ÿฆ–๐Ÿฆ•

Are you ready for a time-traveling journey to the land of dinosaurs? Prepare for the super fun card game “Save the Dinosaurs”! In this game, your own dinosaur park your mission is to rescue as many dinosaur buddies and other players who love dinosaurs as possible. But how do you do that? Well, it’s simple and exciting!

In this game, every player gets a bunch of cards with different dinosaurs on them. Your job is simple game – to collect FIVE cards with the same dinosaur theme. It’s like finding five twin brothers or sisters from a crowd – a little challenging but fun!

five cards on hand for save the dinosaurs

But here’s the twist! ๐ŸŒ€ While you’re looking for dinosaur eggs in your goody bag, there’s also a chase. These cute little dinosaur figures are known as ‘dinosaur meeples.’ When ANY player collects five of the same cards, everyone must quickly grab a dinosaur meeple.

Don’t be the last to pick up a dinosaur meeple, or you might become… EXTINCT! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ That means you’re out of the dinosaur game now. So to best dinosaur,, you’ve got to be fast and intelligent, just like a velociraptor!

What’s in the dino box?

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with our exciting bundle of game materials! Each piece collection game is designed to enhance your gameplay, offering a thrilling blend of challenge and fun. Perfect for both seasoned gamers and newbie players, these game materials are your ticket to endless hours of gaming joy.

  • 1 Dinosaur-based Card Deck
  • 7 Dinosaur Meeples
  • 2 Whiteboards
  • 1 Erasable Marker
  • 1 Winner Token
  • 1 Instructions Booklet

what's inside the save the dinosaurs game box?

The Set Up:

  • Each player must pick out their fierce dinosaur squad by selecting 5 matching dinosaur cards. Sorry, extra dinosaurs, you’ll have to sit this one out – remove any remaining cards from the game.
  • Now, let’s set up the battleground. Place one less dinosaur meeple than the number of players in the center of the table. Make sure all meeples are within everyone’s arm’s reach. This is not just a game; it’s survival of the fittest!
  • Next, it’s time to mark your territory. Write each player’s name on the erasable board. If your group of dino tamers is more significant than 4, no worries, we’ve got you covered – use both boards.
  • Now that everything is set get ready to roar, strategize, and save your dinosaur friends! May the best dino-tamer win!

dinosaur meeples and cards

How to Play:

  1. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals each player 5 cards face down.
  2. The dealer says, ” Ready, Set, PASS,” every player passes one card from their deck face down to the player on their left. Cards should be passed by each player at the same time.
  3. The dealer repeats this action until a player collects 5 matching cards.
  4. Once a player has 5 cards of the same dinosaur, they must grab any dinosaur meeple from the table as quickly as possible. Every other player must rush to grab one remaining dinosaur meeple until a player cannot grab one. This ends the round.
  5. At the end of each round, the following actions are taken: The player with no dinosaur meeple gets two letters from the word E X T I N C Tย  written next to their name on the board.
    • The first player to grab a dinosaur meeple gets the winner’s token.
    • The remaining players get one letter written on the board
    • The cards are collected, reshuffled, and redistributed for the next round.happy family playing save the dinosaurs
  • Any player first to touch a dinosaur meeple without having 5 of a kind gets one letter written on the board. If this happens, gameplay continues without restarting the round. Mischief encouraged! Faking having 5 of a kind and pretending to grab a dinosaur meeple to get others to grab one is allowed.
  • If a player wins the winner’s token twice in a row, they get to remove a letter from their E X T I N C T word.
  • Players lose the game if they finish spelling the word E X T I N C T.

Why Play These Games for Dinosaurs?

From boosting brainpower to honing social skills, here are some compelling reasons to shuffle up and deal with those cards! This game has a compelling and balanced gameplay that keeps players interested throughout game one. It offers strategic depth and multiple paths to victory, making each game session unique and exciting. High-quality, durable cards with beautiful, detailed artwork can enhance the gaming experience significantly.

Prehistoric Bonding Time

Save the Dinosaurs isn’t just a good game or dinosaur board games or a card game; it’s a time machine! Return to the Jurassic era and bond with your friends and family as you strategize and collaborate to take dinosaur island and rescue more dinosaurs. No WiFi is needed, just pure, unadulterated dinosaur games!

Boost That Brainpower

Forget Sudoku. Playing Save the Dinosaurs is like a boot camp for your brain! With every card you play, you’re boosting cognitive functions, enhancing memory, and staving off that pesky mental rust while having a blast playing together.

Social Skills Level Up

This isn’t just about strategy involved outsmarting your opponents; it’s about diplomacy too. Negotiate, persuade, and bluff your way to victory. The Stone Age was never this socially intricate!

Stress-Busting Fun

Had a tough day? Nothing a round of Save the Dinosaurs can’t fix! The laughter, suspense, and triumph of one player saving a Triceratops are the perfect recipe for stress relief and positive vibes.

who let the dinosaur out? save the dinosaurs

Learn While You Play

Who said learning couldn’t be a fun game, then? You’re absorbing dino facts and honing strategic skills with each card drawn. It’s stealth education board games at its finest!

In Summary:

Save the Dinosaurs is an engaging and thrilling card game that promises to deliver hours of fun. Its unique blend of strategy, teamwork, and prehistoric adventure makes it a great game and perfect fit for anyone looking to spice up their gaming routine. Not only does an excellent game does it foster critical thinking and strategic planning, but it also promotes cooperative play, making it an excellent choice for families and groups of friends.

selfie with the happy dinosaur

So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice, Save the Dinosaurs will offer you a challenging and exciting experience that will make you want to play again and again. Take advantage of this exciting journey back in time for the best dinosaur themed game night. Grab your deck, gather your friends, and prepare to Save the Dinosaurs!

Remember, the future of these tiny epic dinosaurs lies in your hands!