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Top 7 Earth Themed Games:  Exploring the Natural World with Board Games

Bring the natural world inside your home with these top seven board games for Earth Day. From exploring the rainforest to sailing the seas, these games are a fun way to learn about our planet Earth! 

Earth Day Games | Kids Playing on Earth Day

Do you have a passion for exploring the wonders of nature? Do your children enjoy playing games and connecting to the planet around them? Earth-themed Games are a fun, educational way to connect young players to their natural environment. These innovative board games encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity excitingly and interactively. Playing board games for Earth day is also a great way to acquaint your kids with science!

Play Earth-themed board games to introduce kids to nature’s wonders from the comfort of home. Your family can explore various exciting topics from different species, ecosystems, habitats, and species. Engrossing climate change games teach kids important lessons about our planet. Thrilling adventures introduce exotic plants and animals.

Earth Day Games | Family Playing Board Games on Earth Day

These board games for Earth Day provide endless learning opportunities for all ages. These games are designed to fit science curriculums for school-age groups and adults. For example, suppose you want to teach your children about eco-friendly ways to reduce environmental pollution. In that case, there’s a game that can help foster that knowledge through interactive playtime!

These Earth-Themed Games bring many exciting topics from the great outdoors and forest floor to national parks and climate change. At the same time, they’re still fun enough to keep players interested. As you embark on this journey together as a family with these board games, you’ll watch your minds expand. At the same time, everyone laughs on your family game night!

The World Game

The World Game Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 2-5 | Age: 7+ | Game Time: 40 minutes

Do you want to learn more about the world? The World Game is the perfect geography strategy game for all ages. This innovative game is designed to teach players of all ages interesting details about countries and continents around the world. Not only will you have fun playing, but you’ll also gain valuable knowledge along the way.

This board game teaches players about the geographical features of the first continent through visual and mental challenges. Four different difficulty levels exist so all players can be challenged regardless of age or experience. The game has over 200 cards featuring information on each continent and country.

How to Play:

  • Shuffle the decks of tiles and divide them equally among the players.
  • Each player takes turns placing tiles on the table to form a grid. Players must create valid paths over water spaces by placing tiles matching the two colors of adjacent sides.
  • The games’ goal is to create large country areas using few tiles and connect as many bonus points as possible.
  • Players score points based on their country regions and bonus points obtained through looping or connecting multiple bonus points.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

Kid Playing The World Game Board Game

Each card includes both text and visuals so that every player can understand what is happening on each turn – regardless if English isn’t your primary language or if you’re a visual learner rather than someone who learns from reading alone. Combined with strategic planning, memory and matching game this helps create an engaging learning experience for everyone involved.

So why buy The World Game? It combines two great things – fun and learning! Plus, tons of expansion packs are available to add new content to your game night! Suppose you’re looking for a great way to spend quality time with family or friends while having fun and learning something simultaneously this Earth Day. In that case, this is the perfect board game for Earth Day!


Cascadia Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 1-4 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 30-45 minutes

Are you seeking a board game with an incredibly unique and strategic playing experience? If so, then you should check out Cascadia! This popular Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) game is one of the hottest new releases, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Cascadia is a genuinely innovative creation that provides hours of immersive entertainment. Players are tasked with creating their utopian society by building cities, trading resources, and competing to become the most powerful political leader. The game requires strategy and cooperation as players work together to create a thriving civilization while also vying for control of the region.

How to Play:

  • At the start of each round, each player chooses an action card from their hand and puts it face down in front of them.
  • After all, players have chosen their action cards, which are revealed simultaneously. Each card triggers a different effect or bonus based on the card’s value.
  • Every player can then take one or two actions each turn based on the effect of their card and the rules. The available actions are to collect resources, build structures, and move meeples.
  • According to the board, resources are replenished when all players take turns. A new round begins with choosing action cards again.
  • The game ends when certain conditions are met, such as building all structures or having a certain amount of points at the end of a round. The player with the most points at that point wins!

Cascadia Board Game Contents

Players have multiple ways to win in Cascadia but must always balance their own goals and risk versus reward when making decisions. As they build their cities, they will also have access to powerful Great Wonders that boost their standing compared to opponents. At any given moment, there will be several paths available that each player can take toward victory. Still, only one will succeed in leading them to success!

Cascadia stands out from the rest as an unbeatable board game experience. Its difficulty makes it appealing to experienced gamers while still accessible enough for average players just starting the hobby. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable evening with friends or a challenging experience by yourself, this game won’t disappoint. Get your copy today and join in on all the fun!


Planet Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 2-4 | Age: 8+ | Game Time:

Planet is a board game that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is suitable for adults and children and offers an immersive gaming experience. The game aims to collect as many planets as possible by connecting them with unique game pieces, called “Voids” and special power-ups. This creates an incredibly engaging and challenging experience, which players will surely enjoy.

The game has of course been designed to be simple yet strategic so that new players can enjoy it without prior knowledge of the rules. It also allows experienced gamers to create complex strategies to gain victory. This makes Planet a perfect choice for family gatherings, parties, or fun at home.

How to Play:

  • Each player gets 8 identical pieces to create their planet.
  • Players take turns adding one piece at a time to the planet that best suits their strategy.
  • The goal of the game is to have the most points on your planet by the end of the game.
  • Points are scored based on how much you cover each area of your planet with pieces, with bonus points awarded for covering a whole circle or star shape.
  • The game ends when all planets are completed, and whoever has the highest score wins!

Planet Board Game

The beauty of Planet lies in its ability to provide entertaining experiences no matter what age group or experience level its players are at. As such, it creates a great bonding experience between family members who may not have had much interest in playing traditional board games before! The simple yet challenging nature makes it easy to pick up but complex enough so that even experienced board gamers can use their skills here too!

The planet is worth recommending as a great way to spend quality time with loved ones or pass away for an hour or two. It’s suitable for almost anyone, regardless of their gaming abilities. It provides plenty of replayability thanks to the various strategies one can employ during gameplay. So if you’re looking for something new or want a great relaxing way, consider trying Planet!

7 Wonders

7Wonders Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 3-7 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 30 minutes

Playing board games is one of the best ways to have fun while spending quality time with family and friends. One such game recently gaining popularity is 7 Wonders, a captivating board game designed to test players’ strategic skills.

7 Wonders was released in 2010 by Antoine Bauza and Repos Production and was designed for three to seven players. The game aims to build an ancient civilization by score points, acquiring resources, trading goods, constructing wonders, and attempting to outsmart your opponents. Players take turns drafting cards from to fill their hands as they earn points and build their society.

How to Play:

  • Each player starts with a hand of cards, and throughout the game, they use resources to build structures associated with them on the board.
  • At the end of each age, players calculate their victory points from their built structures, any cards left in their hand, coins, military strength, and any bonuses from scientific developments.
  • Players can earn coins from trading resources with neighbors or from demolishing structures.
  • At the end of three ages (a complete game), a winner is determined based on who has accumulated the most victory points throughout the play.

7Wonders Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

This award-winning game provides hours of captivating entertainment for all ages with its unique blend of civilization-building strategy and deep tactical decisions. Strategize how you use limited resources wisely as you strive to win and obtain victory points through various means, such as creating an impressive city or having a military reputation. 7 Wonders offers plenty of replayability due to its wide array of card combinations which can alter gameplay significantly each time you play it.

If you’re looking for a new board game for your game night, 7 Wonders is an excellent choice! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey toward building a powerful city-state in this thrilling board game today!


Ecosystem Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 2-6 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 15- 20 minutes

If you want a unique board game experience, consider getting Ecosystem. It’s one of the most creative and engaging board games out there, with a creative spin that makes it both challenging and fun.

The game aims to create your virtual forest ecosystem, populated by plants, animals, birds and predators. You’ll build a food chain and use it to survive and thrive in this exciting environment. The game is designed for 2-4 players so that you can play with family or friends or even just against yourself.

How to Play:

  • Each game of Ecosystem consists of two players.
  • Players take turns on their boards to draw and place pieces representing different animals, plants, and resources of the habitat.
  • The goal is to create a balanced and thriving ecosystem with the fewest pieces possible by interacting with the environment on the board.
  • Resources are limited, so players must plan and leverage their pieces to sustain the ecosystem’s growth.
  • Players win by filling out their board or creating an optimal ecosystem balance.

Ecosystem Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

The components of Ecosystem are impressive – from its gorgeous art style to its detailed manual packed full of helpful tips on how best to play the game. The rules are pretty simple yet offer all sorts of interesting choices – making it great for anyone, regardless of their gaming experience level.

Ecosystem is a fascinating and inventive board game that brings a new layer of complexity to traditional board gaming experiences. Whether playing solo or with friends, this option is excellent for those seeking an enjoyable but intellectually stimulating experience!

Trekking The World

Trekking Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 2-5 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 30-60 minutes

Trekking The World is the board game all globetrotters will love! Whether you’re a strategy and adventure board game fan or want something fun with the family, this game has it all. With its vibrant artwork and easy-to-learn rules, Trekking The World will surely be your next favorite game.

Trekking The World puts a unique twist on traditional travel-style games by introducing players to a world of exploration with a fashionable flair. Players choose their styles and travel across the world’s five continents for fashion items. Along the way, they’ll collect passport stamps for every destination and Fashionista cards that build up their score. As they traverse each continent, new challenges arise that must be answered to advance — including puzzles, trivia questions, and even mini-games!

How to Play:

  • Each player begins the game with five cards.
  • Players alternate turns until all players have no cards left.
  • A player draws two new cards from the deck on each turn, one at a time.
  • Players may complete three possible actions during their turn: Trading, Trekking, or Collecting.
  • Trading: An active player can trade one card from their hand to another player who holds the same card in their hand or tableau.
  • Trekking: A player can place up to four cards from the hand onto their tableau face up and in order from lowest to highest value by color for bonus points at the end of the game.
  • Collecting: A player can discard up to three cards from their hand and collect treasure pieces equal to all discarded cards combined. The collected treasures are placed in front of them on the board for use when purchasing fleets later in the game.
  • When all players are out of cards, they draw one last card and then add up their scoring tokens (each collected treasure piece is worth one point). The person with the most points wins!

Trekking Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players can set aside some time for a friendly competition or sit back and relax as they collect “Location Tokens” to unlock special rewards such as exclusive souvenirs from each continent. In addition to being tons of fun on their own, these tokens can also be used to earn points to purchase bonus features from within the app version of the game, such as additional themes and levels.

Trekking The World is perfect for adults who want something challenging yet entertaining, families looking for an enjoyable shared experience, and kids who want to engage in an intelligent board game while learning more about different parts of the world. This interactive journey will surely deliver a unique gaming experience like no other! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your trek worldwide and have tons of fun with Trekking The World!

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

Spirit Island Jagged Earth Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Players: 1-4 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 90-120 minutes

Are you seeking a cooperative board game requiring strategic planning, clever thinking, and nerve-wracking tension? If so, Spirit Island: Jagged Earth is the board game for you! This wildly popular game from Greater Than Games puts players in charge of protecting their island home against colonizing settlers intent on destroying the land. Players must carefully balance cooperation with each other other players and their environment as they try to settle the island without destroying it.

How to Play:

  • Each player takes on the nature of a spirit and works to defend their home island from colonizing Invaders.
  • Players use their spiritual powers and the strength of their allies in Nature to drive out the Invaders.
  • The game’s goal is to achieve Victory by either expelling invaders or achieving one of your unique goals as a Spirit.
  • On each turn, players take four Actions: placing Power Cards, playing a card from their hand, using an Advanced Ability, and Spending Power from the Invader Pool.
  • At the end of each turn, all players Recover; this allows them to regain previously used abilities and cards.
  • After each turn, players will witness increasing threats from Invaders in the form of new Invaders arriving or increased Danger levels that can cause permanent damage to parts of the Island if not actively opposed by players.

Spirit Island Jagged Earth Board Game | Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

The game features a dynamic ecosystem that allows players to interact directly with their environment. Different trees and aspects of nature will react differently depending on how players affect them within the game’s intricate deck mechanic system. As you take actions such as healing trees and summoning allies, your direct effect on nature can be seen in real-time, creating greater strategic depth to matching game as players must consider both short-term gains and long-term consequences when making decisions throughout play.

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth will provide hours of enjoyable cooperative gameplay for all ages. Gather friends and family around your table to battle settlements while discovering new ways to preserve your island home in an immersive and exciting gaming experience!

Fun Facts about Planet Earth

Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

  • Earth is the only planet in our solar system with life on it!
  • 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water – that’s why it’s known as the ‘Blue Planet.’
  • There are more than 8 billion species living on Earth!
  • The oldest rocks on Earth are around 4 billion years old!
  • The fastest land animal on Earth is the cheetah, which can run up to 68 miles per hour (110 kilometers per hour).

Unlock the Power of Earth Themed Board Games: 5 Benefits to Get You Started

Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

Giving Back

Playing earth-themed board games helps make a positive impact on the planet. By playing, you support environmentally friendly companies that make the game pieces, manufacture recycled paper and other materials used in the game and donate a portion of their profits to charitable causes.

Boosting Creativity

Board games offer an imaginative way to enhance cognitive skills and problem-solving capabilities while providing entertainment. With an array of options, such as puzzles, memory and matching game, and role-playing, these activities enhance concentration and comprehension.


Earth-themed board games allow family, team members or friends to come together and interact in group initiatives that ask players to create strategies, analyze decision results, and cooperate on different levels. This promotes cooperation and understanding between individuals from diverse backgrounds, creating opportunities for growth and fostering relationships between players.

Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day


Through playing eco-friendly board games, you learn about various aspects of the environment, like sources of energy, protecting oceans, natural habitats, or species preservation, encouraging responsible practices, eventually leading to sustainable development goals in our ecosystems, and promoting healthy living environments for generations to come.

Stress Buster

Playing earth-themed board games reduces stress by providing stress diversion through interactive activities; it also increases relaxation through cognitive stimulation, which is beneficial during tough times or difficult situations, allowing your brain to have a break from constant thinking allowing time and space for contemplative reflection allowing considerations often missed when overwhelmed with too many thoughts at once.

In Summary:

Earth-themed Games offer a unique and engaging way to explore the wonders of nature with your family. Playing board games for Earth Day helps the whole family not only bond but also be more aware of the world we live in. Whether building animal habitats, learning about climate change’s effects on our planet, or discovering indigenous species from exotic environments, these board games will provide hours of entertainment and knowledge for players of all ages.

Playing Earth-Themed Games will help kids connect with the natural world excitingly and interactively. Through the problem-solving activities and critical thinking challenges that board games for Earth Day delivers, each game allows them to fully explore their environment while becoming more aware of its importance in life.

Earth Day Games | Board Games for Earth Day | People Playing Board Games on Earth Day

The knowledge and understanding your children gain from playing these board games for Earth Day will stay with them long after they’ve put away their boards. As they grow older, we expect they’ll become even more connected to nature, developing eco-friendly habits that can help protect our planet now and in the future. Why not have teach kids give these board games a try? Your family is sure to have lots of fun while learning something too!


–In this blog, we discussed Earth-themed Games and the perfect board games for Earth Day, including The World Game, Cascadia, Ecosystem, Planet, 7 wonders, Trekking The World, and Spirit Island: Jagged Earth. Hit the comments and let us know which games you’d like to hear about!