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Exploring the World of Save the Dinosaurs Card Game

Welcome, adventurers, to a world where ancient wonders and thrilling gameplay converge! Today, we embark on an exciting journey to explore the realms of prehistory with an enthralling card game that is sure to transport you back in time. Step into the shoes of a card gamer and unleash your passion and love for dinosaurs in the captivating “Save the Dinosaurs” card game.

But this isn’t just a game of chance games. “Save the Dinosaurs” requires wit, strategy, and careful planning. Each decision you make influences the outcome of your sanctuary and the survival of the dinosaurs within. Will you focus on building formidable defenses or acquiring more resources to ensure your dinosaurs thrive? The choices are yours to make!

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So, gather your fellow explorers, set up the game table, and prepare for an epic journey that transcends time. Unleash your inner paleontologist and embark on the quest to “Save the Dinosaurs” in this challenging and enthralling card game. Are you ready to make history, or shall we say prehistory? Let’s dive in and reclaim the lost world of dinosaurs, one card at a time!

What’s up with Save the Dinosaurs?

Step right up, brave adventurers, to the prehistoric playground of the century – the ‘Save the Dinosaurs’ card game! Time-traveling? Check! Learn Dinosaurs? Check! A mission to rescue dino meeples while outsmarting fellow players? Double-check! This game is a dino-mite challenge you won’t be able to resist!

Picture this: you’re handed a deck of cards, each with a different dinosaur species. Your goal? Gather five pairs of cards with the same dino theme – it’s like a Jurassic jigsaw puzzle, and it’s a roaring good time!

But hold on to your dinosaur hats, folks! This game is no walk in the Mesozoic park. You’ll encounter surprises and make strategic choices that would even impress a T-Rex. Want to join forces with others to save more dinos? Form alliances! Prefer a solo mission? Get your cunning cap on and outwit your opponents – they won’t know what hit ’em!

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‘Save the Dinosaurs’ isn’t just a card game; it’s a wild ride filled with endless fun! From families to dino enthusiasts, children to card game aficionados – everyone’s invited to the party. Plus, the more you play, the more you learn! Yep, you read that right. You’ll soak up fascinating memories like a sponge while you rescue these ancient beasts.

Get ready to feast your eyes on jaw-dropping illustrations of these prehistoric marvels. They’re so awesome; you’ll wish you could jump into the cards and hang out with them! Time is ticking – you’ve got to race against the clock and your fellow explorers to complete your dinosaur collection.

How to Win Save the Dinosaurs

The Objective

Do not be the last player to grab a dinosaur meeple when any player achieves 5 matching dinosaur cards, otherwise, you risk becoming EXTINCT!

save the dinosaurs game pieces

The Set Up

  • For each player, select 5 matching dinosaur cards. Remove the remaining cards from the game.
  • Set out one less dinosaur meeple than the number of players on the center of the table within arms reach of all players.
  • Write each player’s name on the erasable board. If more than 4 players, use both boards.

A step-by-step guide on how to play

  1. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals each player 5 cards face down.
  2. The dealer says “Ready, Set, PASS”, and every player passes one card from their deck face down to the player on their left. Cards should be passed by each player at the same time.
  3. The dealer repeats this action until a player collects 5 matching cards.
  4. Once a player has 5 cards of the same dinosaur, they must grab any dinosaur meeple from the table as quickly as possible. Every other player must rush to grab one remaining dinosaur meeple until a player is unable to grab one. This ends the round.
  5. At the end of each round, the following actions are taken:
  • The player with no dinosaur meeple gets two letters from the word E X T I N C T written next to their name on the board.
  • The first player to grab a dinosaur meeple gets the winner’s token.
  • The remaining players get one letter written on the board.
  • The cards are collected, reshuffled, and redistributed for the next round.
  1. Any player who is first to touch a dinosaur meeple without having 5 of a kind gets one letter written on the board. If this happens, gameplay continues without restarting the round. Mischief encouraged! Faking having 5 of a kind and pretending to grab a dinosaur meeple to get others to grab one is allowed.
  2. If a player wins the winner’s token twice in a row, they get to remove a letter from their E X T I N C T word.
  3. If a player finishes spelling the word E X T I N C T, they lose the game.

happy family with save the dinosaurs card game

Who can play this dinosaur-matching game?

Embark on a dino-mite adventure with the “Save the Dinosaurs” card game! Kids will roar with excitement as they collect dino cards, while teens strategize to protect their prehistoric pals. Adults will unearth their competitive spirit, and parents can bond with their little explorers over thrilling dino rescues. Even grandparents will get in on the action, sharing their wisdom from epochs past. It’s a Jurassic journey of laughter, suspense, and family fun in a memory game that transcends generations. Get ready to save the day and rewrite history – one card at a time! Suitable for ages 7 to 107.

Dino-Sized Delights: 5 Roaring Reasons to Play ‘Save the Dinosaurs’ Card Game!”

Clever Carnivore Brain Boost

Sharpen your strategy skills as you outwit opponents and protect your dino buddies. Who knew you could train your brain while saving your dinosaur memory from the past?

T-Rexcellent Family Bonding

Gather ’round for a dino-tastic bonding experience! From tiny tots to toddlers to wise old grand folks, everyone’s invited to the ultimate prehistoric party.

Hilarious Herbivore Hijinks

Watch out for unexpected twists and turns that’ll have you laughing like a hyena. Get ready to dodge dino-sized curveballs with giggles galore.

laughing with dinosaur meeples

Jurassic-Size Memories

Create unforgettable moments with epic dino rescues and cunning card combos. These roar-some memories will be fossilized in the memory of your heart forever!

Triassic Triumph of Ages

Unleash your inner dino whisperer and become a legend across generations. Secure your spot in history by life-saving dinos and proving you’ve got the most dino-mite skills around!

Where to buy this dinosaur matching game?

Get set for a dino-mite escapade with the “Save the Dinosaurs” card game, now rocking the Amazon shelves! Delve into dino rescues, hatch sneaky strategies with your tribe, and craft legendary memories that’ll fossilize in your heart. Don’t dawdle! Seize your own deck pronto, and plunge into the exhilarating dino-saving saga, available at one price with the mere touch of a button on Amazon!

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Fantastically Fossilized Facts

Tyranno-Teeth Tidbit

The T-Rex had teeth that could rival a shark’s smile! These “king-size can openers” were perfect for dino-sized snacks, making every meal a real jaw-dropper.

T-Rex with big sharp teeth

Brachio-Balloon Travel

The Brachiosaurus had a neck so long it could reach the treetops without leaving the ground – talk about a natural hot air balloon ride! Up, up, and away, the dino way! 🦕🎈

So why wait?

No more thumb-twiddling, folks! Hear that dino drumbeat? It’s an adventure anthem, and you’re the star! Jump into the action-packed world of “Save the Dinosaurs” and let the laughter roar. Unleash your inner dino-saver as you collect, strategize, and outsmart your way to victory. From young kids to great-grandparents, the fun’s contagious!

laughing dinosaur with the family

So, grab your dinosaur pals, rally the troops, and let the good times stomp, chomp, and soar. Don’t be a fossil – seize the day and make history, one dino card at a time! Let the epic “Save the Dinosaurs” saga begin!