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The Best Way to Learn While Having Fun

Kanoodle Games are brain teaser puzzles that make learning fun. The games push players to use critical thinking skills and strategic thinking skills. They also improve spatial reasoning and challenge the mind and senses. Kids love to learn if they are having fun. The puzzles are deviously difficult, and that is exactly what keeps kids coming back for more Kanoodle games fun!

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Kanoodle Games – by Educational Insights

Educational Insights creates playful and engaging toys and games for children. With a focus on creativity and imagination, they design products that capture children’s attention and help them explore the world around them.

As experts in their fields, they collaborate with scientists, teachers, and artists to ensure the highest quality products. They believe in learning through play and aim to inspire curiosity and encourage exploration. They also offer a playful promise, ensuring customer satisfaction by providing a refund within a year of purchase if the product does not meet expectations.

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Taking TikTok by Storm!

While there are several versions of Kanoodle on the Educational Insights website, perhaps the most popular version is the one that took TikTok by storm. The reviews resulted in more than 4 million Kanoodle games sold – and that number keeps on growing!

It’s not hard to see why. This version is pocked sized, comes in a compact carrying case, is easily portable, and best of all – it has 200 puzzles. From 2D to 3D, from easy to deviously difficult, game players have to face hundreds of combinations even though there is only one correct answer. With all the different levels in this version, anyone aged 7 to 107 can play.

The reviews don’t lie. Kanoodle has an impressive 4.7/5 rating across a whopping 22,200+ reviews! Take a look at what players are saying by clicking here.

So, if you are new to Kanoodle, start here! It’s the one portable game you can take anywhere, play anytime, and enjoy brain-boosting, problem solving, award winning fun. There simply isn’t a better – or more fun – way to exercise your brain!


This version is easy to get on Amazon, but as you start to enjoy Kanoodle, check out the other games in the collection, including one tailored for very young children. You’ll find all the other versions on the Educational Insights website.

What is the Kanoodle Games Collection?

The Kanoodle game collection is a series of brain teaser puzzles that are challenging but fun to complete. Each game has a degree of difficulty and that difficulty is indicated in multiple levels.

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Kanoodle games in the first level

Kanoodle Pyramid: This is a captivating game that combines problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking. With its oversized, pyramid-shaped tabletop board and geometric pieces, players can solve 200 challenging 2D and 3D puzzles.

Kanoodle Pyramid

Kanoodle Gravity: A twist on the classic game, Gravity takes this puzzle to new heights! This vertical version of Kanoodle is designed to enhance strategic thinking skills and foster problem-solving abilities. The set includes the Kanoodle Gravity puzzle board, 10 puzzle pieces, a guide packed with 40 challenging puzzle games, and a convenient carrying case. Whether you prefer solo play or a head-to-head challenge with a friend, Kanoodle Gravity is perfect for hours of captivating entertainment.

Kanoodle Gravity

Kanoodle Junior: Designed specifically for kids aged 4-7, Kanoodle Jr. offers on the go play that builds spatial reasoning skills thanks to easy instructions and large puzzle pieces that are perfect for little hands. Kids complete 30 head-scratching puzzle challenges, creating hours of engaging solo play. The puzzles easily slide into the Kanoodle Jr. board, which also doubles as a convenient carrying case with a handle. It’s the perfect game for kids to take on the go!

Kanoodle Junior

Kanoodle Head to Head: Declare shenanigans! Take the brain twisting game to a new level by playing against a friend. The set includes a 2-player puzzle board with a lid, 16 puzzle pieces (8 for each player), 40 double-sided challenge cards featuring a total of 80 puzzles, and a game guide to help you get started. To add an extra twist to the brain twisting game, you can launch your opponent’s pieces with the press of a button, adding an element of surprise and strategy to the gameplay.

Kanoodle Head to Head

Kanoodle games in the second level

Kanoodle Fusion: This is a color-mixing puzzle. The set includes a light-up puzzle board that doubles as a convenient carry case, 13 colorful puzzle pieces, and a puzzle book with 50 challenging games. Can you conquer all 50 challenges and become a color-mixing genius?

Kanoodle Fusion

Kanoodle Cosmic: In this challenge, you’ll choose a puzzle, place the pieces as shown, and then use possible combinations of the remaining pieces, including six asymmetrical shapes that fit four different ways to solve the puzzle. It’s a cosmic twist on the original game. The set includes 200 brain-building puzzles. With 12 illustrated puzzle books, you’ll have plenty of challenges to keep your brain buzzing. Can you conquer all 200 puzzles and become a genius of strategy and reasoning?

Kanoodle Cosmic

Kanoodle Flip: This version introduces flipping puzzle pieces that will challenge your problem solving skills like never before! The set includes a sturdy carrying case and game board, along with 3 puzzle pieces in varying shapes. Each puzzle will test your ability to flip and position the puzzle pieces to find the perfect solution. With 100 brain-building puzzles to solve, you’ll have plenty of challenges to keep you busy.

Kanoodle Flip

Kanoodle Duplexity: Playing this magnetic 200-challenge puzzle not only provides fun but also builds your spatial reasoning skills, encourages problem-solving skills, and promotes attention and focus. The set includes 28 two-color, magnetic pieces that you can use to solve the puzzles. With 100 double-sided challenge cards, you’ll have a wide variety of combinations of puzzles to choose from.

Kanoodle Duplexity

Kanoodle Games in the third level

Kanoodle Genius: You’ll start by picking a puzzle from the book. Set up the challenge by placing the initial pieces on the board, and then it’s up to you to strategically place the remaining pieces to solve over 200 top-level challenges. From 2-D puzzles to more complex 3-D challenges, there’s a wide variety of puzzles to conquer.

Kanoodle Genius

Kanoodle Extreme: This advanced version features a unique game board with over 300 difficult 2-D, 3-D, and sliding 2-D puzzles. With a total of 303 brain-tickling puzzles in the puzzle book, you’ll have plenty of challenges to keep you occupied. Each puzzle will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you navigate through the various dimensions and sliding elements.

Kanoodle Extreme

Play Kanoodle Today!

What are you waiting for? Kanoodle is the fun game for kids that has challenges for each age range and level. It’s the screen-free learning time you’ve been looking for, so try Kanoodle today. It’s learning… but fun!