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Top 7 Best Solo Board Games

Need something to do on a rainy day or want some quality solo time? Check out these top 7 solo board games and find the perfect one!

Playing a single-player board game can provide a wonderful experience that lets you completely immerse yourself in the game and its strategy. Board games have been around for centuries, and they continue to evolve with new twists and elements that make them increasingly exciting. Single-player board games offer a unique twist because they allow you to challenge yourself and exercise your brain while enjoying the creative atmosphere of a game environment.

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Single-player board games are easy to learn but usually take time to master. You will find that different single-player board games require various levels of skill or luck, depending on which type of game you choose. Whether a classic like Chess or something more contemporary like Catan, each provides an exciting and fulfilling challenge that helps you stay engaged throughout the game.

The beauty of single-player board games is that they can be experienced alone or with friends, providing hours of fun no matter how many people play. Playing a solo game also means learning the game mechanics at your own pace without worrying about others slowing down your enjoyment and understanding of the rules. It also allows for flexibility in time commitment; you can play solo for as long as you like without concluding the session within any given time because other players want to end their turns early.

happy kid playing alone

No matter what type of single-player board game you choose – whether it be puzzles, dice games, strategy titles, fantasy flight games, or story-driven adventures – there is no doubt that it will bring plenty of joy into your life!

So go ahead and start exploring our vast selection–you don’t need anyone else’s help when it comes down to finding entertainment through non-digital sources!

Find your perfect solo board game with our list of the top seven best games to bring the fun all by yourself:


kanoodle board game

Players: 1 | Age: 7+ | Game Time: —

Do you love solving puzzles and playing games? If yes, then Kanoodle is the perfect way to challenge yourself. Developed by Educational Insights, Kanoodle is a single-player game for players of all ages. It consists of several types of puzzles ranging from 2D puzzles to 3D towers that will get your creative juices flowing.

How to Play:

  • Start by choosing a puzzle to play – either select one from the set provided or create your own.
  • Place all the pieces on the board and arrange them in such a way that it meets certain conditions.
  • Work your way through progressively more difficult levels as you progress through the game.
  • Every time you solve a puzzle correctly, the next level will be unlocked.
  • Depending on the difficulty level, some pieces must be rotated to fit them into place.
  • The goal of each puzzle is to find a complete solution without leaving gaps or holes in between pieces.
  • Additional points can be earned for completing puzzles quickly and efficiently.

kid playing kanoodle game

Kanoodle is excellent for single-player gamers who want something new and exciting. It’s suitable for children and adults, making it an ideal gift or activity for any occasion. With its challenging yet fun puzzles, this will ensure that boredom never sets in!

So why not try these puzzles and see if you have what it takes to become a true Kanoodle master?

Rush Hour

rush hour board games

Players: 1 | Age: 8+ | Game Time: —

Rush Hour is a classic single-player logic game that has been around for decades. It was one of the first of its kind and continues to be popular among young and old. Players are presented with a grid of colored cars and must find a way to move them around the board to get the red car to the exit point on the other side.

One of the great things about Rush Hour is that it is a great game that can be played collaboratively or competitively. If you have multiple players, you can decide who goes first and try to outwit each other by creating clever solutions that leave your opponent stumped. It’s also an excellent way for children to learn about problem-solving and logical thinking without having access to a computer or digital device.

How to Play:

  • Set up the game by arranging the cars and trucks on the grid, as the instructions show.
  • The objective is to get the red car out of the traffic jam by moving any of your vehicles vertically or horizontally.
  • You can only move one car at a time and must never move a car onto an occupied space.
  • You can shift just one car or “push” a row of cars, but each move must be made to get closer to getting the red car out.
  • When two cars are pushed together, they can no longer move independently. They become like one block. However, they can still be moved together if they fit within your move set.
  • To win, get the red car to its exit point (marked with a flag) on one side of the board, regardless of what else is stuck on it.

happy kid playing rush hour

Suppose someone wants a break from video games or an activity involving more strategic thinking than regular puzzle games. Rush Hour might be their perfect choice! Whether playing solo or inviting friends over for some problem-solving fun, this game will never disappoint you when searching for hours of entertainment!


boggle game

Players: 1-4 | Age: 8+ | Game Time: —

Boggle is a classic single-player board game that has entertained fans for decades. This exciting word search game challenges players to find as many words as possible in the 4×4 letter grid before the time runs out. Boggle will surely entertain young and old alike with its fast-paced and engaging gameplay. Whether playing solo or with friends, this classic game will test your reflexes and cunning word knowledge.

How to Play:

  • Place all 16 letter cubes face-up on the board and shake them until they are spread evenly.
  • Each player takes three minutes to scan over the letters and make as many words 3-8 letters in length as possible.
  • A player can only use each dice once per word but may use sequenced pairs more than once if necessary for a word formation.
  • Once a player has made all the words they can come up with, they should call it “time,” which signals the end of their turn.
  • Points are given for each correct word found according to lengths, such as 1 point for 3-letter words and 2 points for 8-letter words; bonus tiles can also provide extra points depending on their placement in the grid.
  • After three minutes, all players tally up their scores and determine a winner!

Scoring in Boggle is pretty simple; each correct word found earns one point for its creator. To further add excitement to the game, there are also bonus tiles with double-letter score opportunities! These bonus tiles allow skilled players to gain an extra competitive edge over newcomers by utilizing their letter knowledge to maximize points on each turn they take. At the end of three minutes, all points are tallied and added together to determine a winner, making this an intense yet enjoyable competition among family and friends!

playing the boggle game

Boggle provides hours of entertainment for those looking for something new or nostalgic! It has been enjoyed by people worldwide since its invention in 1972, providing puzzles and challenges throughout multiple generations – making it a timeless classic that every gaming enthusiast should give a try at least once!


katamino best solo board games

Players: 1-2+ | Age: 6+ | Game Time: 10 minutes

Are you excited to think outside the box and challenge your problem-solving skills? Katamino is the perfect puzzle game for you! It’s a single-player game with you on the edge of your seat as you race against time to assemble pieces into one or more solutions.

Katamino has been around since 1997, and this classic wooden puzzle is still gaining in popularity – no wonder why it’s also known as “the best board game ever”! The premise of this game is simple; fit all shapes (including pentominoes) together on a four-by-four grid. You can challenge yourself by creating one solution with all 15 pieces or multiple solutions with fewer pieces. Even better, the game has rules that are easy to learn and master.

How to Play:

  • Players use colorful pieces (pentominoes) to fit onto a four-by-four grid.
  • The goal is to combine all the pieces in one or multiple solutions while using as few pieces as possible.
  • Players roll a die or draw cards to acquire scoring points upon completing a puzzle solution.
  • Additional accessories such as dice, cards, and scoring sheets are used for additional strategy play ideas.
  • Depending on the difficulty level and player preferences, there are endless ways to play this game.

kid having fun with katamino game

Katamino offers something for everyone and provides endless entertainment value – so don’t miss out on this classic wooden puzzle game today! Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy way to improve your brain power or an experienced player searching for an exciting challenge, Katamino has everything you need in a deck-building game to unleash your inner puzzle master!

Age of Civilization

age of civilization board game

Players: 1-4 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 30 minutes

If you want an immersive board game experience that will challenge and entertain, look no further than the Age of Civilization. This single-player game offers a unique twist on the classic game of Risk by placing up to five players in charge of one of sixteen civilizations. With each turn, players must balance their resources, explore new lands, and manage military forces as they attempt to expand their empire and build a legacy that will last through the ages.

How to Play:

  • Each player chooses one of the sixteen civilizations to guide through the game.
  • Collect resources, use them to build cities and armies, and explore new lands.
  • Use your military forces to expand your empire by conquering other civilizations or investing in technology for advancement.
  • Achieve goals and earn victory points (VPs) with each successful turn.
  • Balance resources carefully, as you are limited to how many you can gather over time.
  • The game ends when all players have finished their turns, and the player with the most VPs wins!

The components of this game are top-notch. The board is intricately designed with realistic terrain features and colorfully illustrated pieces that help players visualize their progress as they advance through history deep space. Additionally, many cards are available, including resources and events which add more excitement and variety, as well as goal cards that provide rewards when achieved. All this comes together, making the Age of Civilization Strategy feel like a professional adventure board game instead of a casual gaming experience.

age of civilization game pieces

Age Of Civilizations is an enjoyable single-player strategy board game with plenty of depth and replayability to keep even seasoned players looking forward to hours-long epic endeavors throughout history!

Castle Panic

castle panic board game


Players: 1-6 | Age: 8+ | Game Time: 45 minutes

Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of a single-player board game but no one to play with? If so, Castle Panic is the perfect solo-player side game for you. It’s an easy-to-learn strategies game where you become a hero and protects your castle from monsters’ hordes.

Fireside Games created Castle Panic. It is designed for 1-6 players, who must work together to defend their castles from orcs, trolls, goblins, and other monsters. The game’s objective is to use card combinations to strategically remove all the monsters that threaten your castle walls before they can take it down completely.

How to Play:

  • The game’s objective is to use card combinations to strategically remove all the monsters threatening your castle walls before they can take it down completely.
  • The game includes 62 cards and three wooden pieces – a tower, wall, and castle insignia – used instead of dice to determine which monsters appear in each round.
  • Each player will draw 6 cards from their hand and must decide which ones to keep or discard as they battle against increasingly difficult adversaries.
  • Every player can develop their solution according to their skillset or approach; there are correct answers.
  • Players have complete control over what monsters appear in each round by placing their cards on the board.
  • With every move, strategic thinking is necessary as you try to outsmart your enemy to protect your castle walls from destruction.
  • Players win when all monsters are defeated before the castle walls collapse entirely.

One great thing about Castle Panic is that there are no wrong answers; every player is free to develop their solution according to their skill set or approach. Each turn requires quick thinking and thoughtful consideration — experimentally juggling different strategies until one works out can be highly satisfying when it pays off in victory after intense rounds!

Castle Panic offers single strategic players an exciting challenge suitable for kids and adults alike. Whether played solo, on its own, or with friends, this engaging board game provides hours upon hours of fun with plenty of opportunities to refine your tactics!

Familiar Tales

familiar tales board game

Players: 1-4 | Age: 8+ | Game Time: 45 minutes

Do you want to enjoy a game night with just yourself? Familiar Tales is the perfect game for those looking for some solo-player fun. This board game offers an enjoyable experience combining imaginative storytelling and strategic decision-making elements. Well deserving of its impressive ratings, this game provides hours of satisfying entertainment.

How to Play:

  • Players draw character and chapter cards each round to construct a tale they can use in their story.
  • Players then decide which characters will influence the outcome of their tales as they listen to their tales being told by a narrator or a third person.
  • Players must manage resources and position pieces on the board wisely as they progress through the game.
  • All cards include a small summary at the bottom informing players about what happened during preceding arcs or revealing clues about future events.
  • The game’s object is to build stories with the cards while listening to their tale being told by a narrator or a third person.
  • Players must progress through five individual chapters to win the game while managing resources effectively and making wise decisions that impact the outcome.

familiar tales game

Familiar Tales deserves credit for creating an exciting gameplay system where strategic decision-making meets creative storytelling and producing aesthetically pleasing artwork that brings classic tales alive once more on our screens!

So if you’re looking for solo fun without purchasing multiple expansions or additional materials, try Familiar Tales – I guarantee you will be satisfied!

5 Joys of Solo Board Gaming

Playing solo board games can be an enriching and enjoyable experience. It encourages creativity, focus, de-stressing, self-discipline, and, most importantly – fun! There are many benefits of playing a solo board or card game that make it worth exploring further.

board game set


Playing a solo board game encourages creative thinking, as players are often required to solve complex puzzles and devise strategies to reach their goals.


When playing your favorite game alone, no one can distract you or your attention from the task. Solo board games provide an opportunity for deep concentration, allowing players to hone their focus and dedication toward reaching their objectives.

girl playing board gameDe-Stress

Solving problems can be a therapeutic process, and playing a solo board game is a great way to relieve stress in a fun and engaging way.


Completing a solo board game requires commitment and effort, helping solo players build self-discipline as they strive for success in an absorbing task.


Ultimately, the goal of any board game is entertainment! Playing other games, solo allows individuals to relax into the activity without worrying about other people’s opinions or preferences. Perfect for those seeking an enjoyable solo gaming experience with no judgment whatsoever!

In Summary:

Finding a suitable solo board game that fits your interests and preferences is often tricky. With so many games, knowing where to start can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a top 7 list of the best solo board games available. Whether you’re a solo gamer looking for something tactical or social, there’s something here for everyone.

The key is to find something that appeals to you and gives you an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to consider your level of experience with board games, too – some may require more than others in terms of strategy or complexity. All these factors help ensure you choose a game that’s perfect for you.

girl playing doll house

The best way to solo play a board game for one person differs for another. So, take time to look at the various options and consider what it is about each board game that appeals to you and which fits into your lifestyle the best.

If you like playing alone and don’t want to rely on other players for entertainment, then the solo mode of board gaming could be an ideal solution for you! There’s something here to suit all tastes, so try these solo adventure top titles and see which ones come out on top!

–In this blog, we talked about the best solo board game of games, including Rush Hour, Boggle, Kanoodle, Katamino, Age of Civilization, Familiar Tales and Castle Panic . Hit the comments and let us know which solo games you’d like to hear about!