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Table of Contents:

  • Game Inclusion
  • The Set Up
  • Game Play

A fun, family-friendly card game that pits tacos against burritos in a battle of epic proportions. It’s the perfect party game for taco lovers and burrito fanatics alike!

Taco vs Burrito is a funny and unpredictable card game that takes players in a battle for supremacy to create the weirdest and wildest meal. This game was invented by 7 year old kid, Alex Butler, with his parents, Leslie Pierson and Mark Butler. Alex comes from a family that loves playing games together. The game is easy to learn and only takes a few minutes to play. It is fast-paced and exciting, and it’s perfect for any gathering of the family. The goal is to have the most points in your Taco or Burrito dishes by the end of the game. Each card has a different point value, and there are also bonus cards for extra points. Players must strategize in order to create the best Taco or Burrito dish possible. It  is a fun and challenging game that is sure to make your skin crawl and churn your guts out-in a fun way though. But beware – not all cards are created equal. Some will help your dish, while others will hinder it. And there are also speciality cards that can really spice things up (literally!). Taco VS Burrito is the perfect game for any occasion, whether you’re having a casual game night or a competitive tournament. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and it’s sure to produce some laughter.

Though it may seem like a simple game, the taco vs burrito game can teach children important life skills. The game helps to improve their memory and understanding of basic mathematical concepts. It is designed to teach kids about cooperation, compromise, and basic strategy. For one, the game requires children to think creatively in order to come up with new ways to score points. In addition, it helps to develop their hand-eye coordination. Taco VS Burrito also helps to develop strategic thinking, as players must plan ahead in order to win the game. In addition, the game is exciting and enjoyable, which helps to keep children engaged. The game is also a great way for kids to bond with each other and spend quality time together. As such, it is more than just a game – it’s an opportunity for children to learn and grow. This game is so much fun, you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes your new favorite pastime. So if you’re looking for a game that is educational and fun, Taco VS Burrito is the perfect choice.

Taco VS Burrito is a card game that is helping kids to put down their gadgets and have some good old-fashioned fun. In today’s world, it’s all too easy for kids to get sucked into their phones or tablets and forget to interact with the people around them. This game helps kids to avoid this temptation by encouraging them to interact with each other and have fun without the need for screens. Players have to use quick reflexes and creative thinking to build the best tacos and burritos possible, while also trying to sabotage their opponents’ efforts. It’s a fun, chaotic way to stop kids from being glued to their screens and remind them of the joys of face-to-face interaction. So next time your kids are tempted to reach for their phones, challenge them to a game of Taco VS Burrito instead. The game is easy to learn and can be played with friends or family members of all ages. Best of all, it is a fun fast-paced card game that’s perfect for family and friends who want to take a break from screens and spend some quality time together. So gather up your friends and family, and get ready for an epic battle!


  • 24 Ingredients Cards
  • 32 Action Cards
  • 4 Tortilla Card Holders
  • 4 Quick Start Cards
  • Rulebook

The Set Up

  • Choose a Taco or Burrito card holder, it does not affect the game play and deal 5 cards to each player
  • Put the remaining cards in the middle of the table
  • Leave a space for the draw pile and trash pile for the discarded cards
  • Everyone checks their cards to see if they don’t have the Health Inspector card.
  • If one player have the Health Inspector card, shuffle the deck and take a new card
  • The youngest among the group will be the first player
  • The person on the left of the first player goes next, going clockwise around the table
  • Draw a card on your turn and then play a card, then the cycle continues until all the cards in the drawpile are gone.
  • Players then skip the draw part of their turn and continue until someone is completely out of cards.

Game Play

Draw one card then play either the Ingredient card or an Action Card.


  • Add an ingredient card to a Taco/Burrito or
  • Add Tummy Aches to reduce the value of a meal or
  • Add a Hot Sauce Boss to double the value of a meal

Ingredient Cards can be placed in your Taco or Burrito which is called your MEAL that will increase the value of your meal.


Play an Action Card

Use the Food Fight, Crafty Chow and Trash Pand to gain the cards that you need in order to win the game.

Crafty Crow

A player can pick any player and steal whatever card that you want from their taco or burrito.

Trash Panda

You can select any card from the trash pile back into your hand.

Food Fight

If someone plays a food fight, that player flips a card and each of the other players also flips one. Action cards get zero and Ingredient Cards are worth the value on their cards. The person with the highest value ingredient wins and that player will choose or flip a card and add it back to their hand. Then the remaining cards will get shuffled back into the deck except the Food Fight which goes in the discard pile.


The Health Inspector and Order Envy can ruin your MEAL!

Order Envy

When the Order Envy card is played, you can swap your meal and your hand with any other player.

Health Inspector

This is the only PLAY IMMEDIATELY card. When the Health Inspector is drawn, all the contents of your meal will go into the TRASH!

No Bueno

This card can be played anytime, even if it’s not your turn. You can use the No Bueno card to block Action Cards (Except Health Inspector) used by your opponent. You can also block the block with another No Bueno. It can stop any ingredient card or action card except for the Health Inspector.

Tummy Ache Card

When play this card worth -3, this will reduce your opponent’s card by 3 points

Hot Sauce Boss Card

This card will double the value of your meal

The game will continue playing clockwise with players drawing and playing cards until the draw pile is gone. Once any player is out of cards, the game is instantly over and the player with the most points WINS THE GAME!

Saucy Tip to Win:

Depending on your strategy, you can play ingredients, Hot Sauce Boss or Tummy Ache in any meal including your own.

Giving a taco vs burrito card game as a gift is a way to show your loved ones how much you care. Not only is it a fun and interactive game, but it also allows them to learn about the different foods and cultures. Moreover, it is a great time to bond with family and friends. So, if you are looking for a unique and memorable gift, consider playing taco vs burrito. You will have a blast playing this game with your friends and your loved ones will thank you for it!

There’s nothing quite like a good game of taco vs burrito. As a kid, I used to love playing this game with my friends. We would all gather around the table, and each person would choose either a taco or a burrito. Then, we would take turns adding ingredients to our respective dishes. The goal was to make the best-tasting dish possible, and the winner would be the one who could persuade the most people to try their creation. It was always a lot of fun, and it was a great way to learn about different flavors and ingredients. Plus, it was a great excuse to eat Mexican food! Now that I’m an adult, I still enjoy playing taco vs burrito from time to time. It’s a fun way to bond with friends and family, and it always brings back happy memories.

Round up your amigos and get ready for some serious fun – it’s time to see who can build the best taco… or burrito!