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Tapple : Fast Word Fun!

The Tapple Twist on Wordplay!

Have you been looking for a new option for family game night? Or a fun game where you can challenge friends while also boosting your brain power? If so, and if you love word games, you need Tapple!

What is Tapple?

Tapple is a product of The OP Games. This company is known for offering some of the most pursued family games, such as Telestrations, Harry Potter, and Clue. Their goal is to distribute family games that are filled with excitement for all ages. Tapple fits this mandate to the letter! It’s a fast paced word game that will have the whole family around you playing over and over again, creating words as you beat the timer.


How to Play Tapple

Tapple is a fast playing word game. The box contains the Tapple wheel, 144 categories on 36 cards, and an instruction guide.

Players compete by coming up with words based on the categories noted on the cards, but only using letters indicated by the Tapple wheel. Only one player can win and they do so by collecting three category cards overall. Cards are awarded to the last player left in each round.

Setting up Tapple

To access the battery compartment, category card compartment, and switch on the TAPPLE wheel, simply flip it over. Insert batteries and secure the compartment door. Move the switch to the on position and remove the category cards from the storage compartment. Then, place the Tapple wheel right-side up and stack the category cards within easy reach of all players.

Remember to switch the wheel off to preserve the life of the batteries.

tapple game

Tapple gameplay

The player with the middle initial closest to ‘A’ will go first, and the game will proceed in a clockwise rotation. The starting player will choose a category card from the stack and choose a category for the round. If the player chooses “Player’s Choice,” they can simply pick their own category for the round.

Since Tapple is designed for all ages, younger players can use the black or darker blue side of the various categories of cards. The grey and light blue side is for more challenging gameplay. This ensures Tapple can be played with the whole family or among friends and kids of different ages.

To start a round, the first player announces the chosen category and presses the timer button located at the center of the Tapple wheel. This activates the ten second timer first. By the time the ten second timer runs out, players must come up with an answer for the category, starting with an available letter on the TAPPLE wheel.

When the round is done, the player can reset the timer by tapping the button, and pass the turn to beat the timer to the next player. Remember, once a letter is pressed, it cannot be used again for the round, so the pressure increases as letters are eliminated.

tapple board game

Tapple is a great time, but that doesn’t mean the game is without some great fun fun twists and turns! Players will be eliminated from the round in the following situations:

  • If they fail to complete their turn before the 10-second buzzer.
  • If they provide an answer that does not match the category, as determined by a majority of the other players, and cannot come up with an acceptable answer in time.
  • If they press a letter for an unacceptable answer.

When a player is eliminated, the next player in turn will tap the ten second timer to continue the game. The game continues until only one player remains, who collects the card for that round.

Tapple in overtime

In case all the letters have been used and more than one player is left, an overtime round will be played. In overtime, the remaining players will continue to play by naming two answers for the first letter of a new category, using two different letters, before the ten second timer runs out. The last remaining player scores both cards!

Okay, here is where it gets tricky… if multiple players can survive overtime, the game will continue with another category where players need to say a word and name three answers. This process continues until only one player remains, who collects all the cards for that round.

Winning the Tapple game

The game continues until a player collects three cards and wins. For longer games, players can play four, five, or even more cards to determine the winner.

tapple cards

Why Play Tapple?

Why play the award winning game of Tapple? Because it offers an exciting and fast-paced gameplay experience that is enjoyable for players of all ages, while being a great way to learn and exercise the brain. Here are a few reasons why you need to give the Tapple game a try:

Fun and engaging

Tapple provides a fun and engaging experience that keeps players entertained throughout the game. The challenge of coming up with answers within a time limit and using letters on the Tapple wheel adds an element of excitement and competition.

Quick and easy to learn

Tapple has simple rules that are easy to understand, making it accessible for both casual and experienced gamers. Players can quickly grasp the concept and start playing games right away, without spending too much time on learning complex instructions. It’s good for kids of all ages, and for family game nights.

Enhances word skills

Tapple is a great way to improve vocabulary and word association skills. Players have to think quickly and creatively to both come up with words and answers that fit the given category and start with the available letters. It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand one’s linguistic abilities.

Promotes social interaction

Tapple is a multiplayer game that encourages social interaction and friendly competition. It’s a perfect choice for parties, game nights, or family gatherings, as it brings people together and creates memorable moments of laughter and enjoyment.

Variable difficulty levels

Tapple offers different difficulty levels with its category cards. This allows players of all skill levels to participate and enjoy the fun game together. Whether you’re looking for a more relaxed experience or a challenging brain teaser, Tapple has options for everyone.

Basically, Tapple is a fantastic game that combines speed, creativity, and wordplay to provide a thrilling family gaming experience. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by individuals, families, and friends, making it a must-have addition to any game collection!

What are Players Saying about Tapple? Review Sites

Tapple has a very high average rating value of 4.7/5 across general online reviews; 4.5/5 from over 2,500 Amazon reviews, 4.8/5 from 30 Showcase reviews, and a solid 5/5 from Walmart shoppers.

Tapple is also widely reviewed on TikTok, where content creators also provide tips and tricks on how to play the game.

Where to get Tapple

Tapple can be purchased directly from the OP website. This award winning fast paced word game can also be purchased from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Indigo/Chapters.

Play Tapple Today!

What are you waiting for? Tapple is a fresh new way to enjoy a fast paced word game. Grab some players and have some educational fun today!

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