The Only Guide You Need To Win Old Maid Card Game 

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HOW NOT TO BE THE OLD MAID (Rules of Old Maid)


  • Schwarzer Peter ( Black Peter) – Germany 
  • Scabby Queen
  • Bold Made Card Game 

Change the Game

Strategies at Play:

Version for Young Children

Skills Development

Alternative Sanction to the Old Maid

Winning Tip!

Do you like to play games with your friends and family?

Then you’re going to love Old Maid!

It’s a classic card game that everyone can enjoy. It’s the perfect game for parties, get-togethers, or just a fun night in with your loved ones. The game is also known as Odd One Out. This card game has been enjoyed by children and adults for generations. The game was originally played in the 19th century with a standard deck of 52 cards and the Old Maid as the black queen. One of the other three queens was then removed from the deck in order to ensure that the Old Maid card would not have a match.

Today, you can find a box of Old Maid cards that are designed for children to use. The box will probably have a drawing of an older woman who wears glasses and Victorian style clothing. Old Maid is a great option for kids who are looking for a fun and challenging game to play. The game is suitable for kids of all ages and an ideal option for family game nights or for groups of kids who want to play together. It is a simple yet enjoyable game that is perfect for rainy days and long car rides. A simple game that can encourage children to stay away from screen time and have long hours of fun with their family and friends.

If you’re wondering how to play this fun exercise for your mind? The rules are simple, but it can be played many different ways which will keep everyone entertained. Each player is trying to get rid of his cards as fast as possible. Players will form and discard a pair of cards, and not to be left by an odd card (a queen) at the end. The best part of this game is seeing another player draw the old maid away from you. You’re supposed to keep it a secret when it happens (because other players will avoid drawing from the victim if they know that they will risk the old maid by doing so) but young children usually laugh or gloat when the old maid gets taken from them.

This game is known by various names in many parts of the world:
Germany: Schwarzer Perter (Black Peter)
France: Vieux Garcon or Le Pouillex
Thailand: Ekae
Philippines: Unggoy-Unggoyan

  • Set aside all but one of the queens from the deck
  • The dealer shuffles and deals all the cards to the player, one card at a time
  • Generally, some will have more cards than others-this does not matter
  • Players will then sort their cards
  • You may also want to pair all the black cards or all the red cards to speed up the game.
  • Player to the left of the dealer goes first 
  • Players will put down any pairs they have, then keep the rest of the card hidden from their opponents 
  • If all the double cards are removed, leave only the single cards in your hand
  • In common variants, the suit color of a discarded pair must match : black spade can match black clubs or red diamonds can match with red hearts 
  • Each player takes turn offering their hand face-down to the player on their right
  • On your turn, draw a card from your right hand neighbor
  • If you made a pair, then put it down
  • The game will continue with players taking cards and discarding pairs until no more pairs can be made 
  • At the end of the game, all cards except the Old Maid (the one queen left in the deck) will be down in pairs 
  • The player with the card that has match is stuck with the Old Maid loses the game
  • Then, everybody else wins the game 


In some countries, where the game has a male name, such as Black Peter in Germany, the Jack card is removed rather than the Queen. The loser is the holder of the odd Jack at the end.

It is also possible to play the reversed version of the Old Maid. The mechanics of the game are very similar but when everyone else has run out of cards, the holder of the odd card (the last Queen or Jack or the Old Maid card) is declared the winner.

Schwarzer Peter ( Black Peter) – Germany

The equivalent game of Old Maid in Germany and other several European countries is called Black Peter. Originally, it was played with a standard pack from which a black jack was removed. The final holder of the odd jack when all the other cards have been paired will be the loser. Before playing the game, one end of a cork is blackened by holding it over a candle flame. This is used to draw a dark mark on the loser’s face. In modern times, people can get creative and use some common household item to mark the loser. You can use lipstick, face pen, face powder or any material that can leave a mark.

Scabby Queen

Scabby queen is a well known version of Old Maid played with a standard deck of cards from which the Queen of clubs has been removed. The player left with the scabby queen (queen of spades) is the loser and receives a number of raps in the knuckles with the end of the card game.

Bold Made Card Game

Bold Made is a new and improved twist on the classic card game Old Maid. The game isn’t about getting stuck with a card. It’s about winning by collecting a team of bold women past and present. Each woman in the deck has made important contributions to her society and to the world at large. The game is fun, of course, but also a powerful way to help kids find fantastic female role models. It features 40 amazing women in 10 different categories including artists, activists, astronauts, musicians, inventors, photographers, writers, scientists, and world leaders. Bold Made is the perfect game for girls’ night, a birthday party, or any time you need an icebreaker that celebrates amazing women. So grab some friends, shuffle the deck, and get ready to play Bold Made!

Change the Game

The Old Maid is a card game that has been around for centuries. The object of the game is to avoid being the player with the last remaining unpaired card. In many decks, the Old Maid is represented by an older woman, often with a disapproving expression. While this may be the traditional image of the Old Maid, there is no reason that the game has to be played with this stereotype in mind. In fact, many modern decks feature more diverse and positive representations of women. Whether you call her the Princess, the superhero, or the secret spy, the Old Maid can be an empowering figure for all players.

Strategies at Play:

Attempt to get an idea where the Old Maid is based on body language. Some players may be unable to hide their negative emotions when they receive the odd card.

Try to influence the next player to take a specific card, for example by placing it near the middle when you fan them out. Players tend to take cards from near the middle rather than a card that you keep on the side.

Version for Young Children

Of course, you can play this without giving punishments at the end of the game. This is best for young children. Parents can purchase a specially designed deck of cards with interesting pictures, shapes, letters or animals which are easier for kids to pair up. With a little imagination, the Old Maid card game can be a fun and educational experience for all involved.

Skills Development

The game of Old Maid is a card game that helps players develop a variety of important skills. Recognizing numbers is critical in Old Maid, as players must search for matches among the cards. Matching and pairing cards is another key skill, as players must identify which cards go together. Taking turns is also important, as players must be patient and wait for their turn to play. Old Maid is a fun and simple game that can help players develop important skills that will be useful in many other areas of life. The next time you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, consider playing and developing your matching, pairing, recognition skills, practice their memory and strategic thinking skills. As a result, Old Maid is a valuable tool for teaching children essential early learning skills.

Alternative Sanction to the Old Maid:

  • Truth or Dare
  • Loser must freeze and not move for 3 minutes
  • Old Maid must fetch the snack and drinks of the group
  • Loser must wear a funny hat, dress, sign, etc

Winning Tip!

Although it may be tempting to let out a sigh of relief when you finally get rid of your Old Maid card, it is important to keep a straight face if you get the Old Maid. Don’t let the other players know you have it!

Old Maid is a card game that I often played with my family during game nights or when I was at school. The object of the game is to avoid being the player who is left holding the Old Maid card at the end of the game. I remember being the odd one out a couple of times that made me focus on not ever losing in this game of chance. Even though it is a game of chance, there are still strategies that can be employed to increase the chances of winning. For example, players should try to rid their hand of high cards early on in the game as these are more likely to be paired with the Old Maid. It is a very easy game to play and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is also a great way to enhance your awareness and focus while still having fun with family and friends. A classic card game that will always hold a special place in my heart. If you have never played Old Maid, I highly recommend giving it a try!