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Top 7 Historical Board Games

Play Through History Board Games

Dive into history with these 7 board games! Whether you’re a strategy enthusiast, a tabletop novice, or just looking for an engaging way to learn about the past – these games are perfect for everyone. Get playing and explore your world today!

In a world where digital entertainment often dominates so much fun in our leisure time, it’s refreshing to rediscover the simple pleasures of playing historical board games. These past gems provide an engaging and tactile gaming experience and offer a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of human History. As we gather around the table with family or friends, we’re not just indulging in an enjoyable pastime but also connecting with the countless generations who have played these games before us, learning about their lives, stories, and cultures.

Historical board games are an enduring testament to the creativity and ingenuity of human beings throughout the ages. From ancient civilizations to more recent historical periods, people have always sought engaging ways to pass the time, challenge their intellect, and connect with others. Playing these games allows us to appreciate the universality of the human experience, transcending geographical, cultural, and temporal boundaries to reveal the common threads that bind us together.

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In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to overlook the charm and allure of historic board games. Yet, as we unplug from our screens and gather around the table to play these timeless classics, we’re reminded of the power of human connection and the enduring appeal of History. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious newcomer, the world of historical board games offers a treasure trove of adventure, intrigue, and discovery just waiting to be explored.

So, grab your favorite beverage, gather your loved ones, and prepare to embark on a journey through time as we delve into the captivating realm of historic board games. The past has never been more engaging, and the future of history board gaming lies in the rich stories and experiences that have shaped our world.

Here are our top picks for the best historical board games:

Trekking Through History

Trekking through history

Players: 2-4 | Age: 10+ | Game Time: 30-60 minutes

When it comes to board games, the options are endless. From strategy games to family-friendly games, there’s something for everyone. One such game that has captured the hearts of history fans, buffs, and casual players alike is Trekking Through History. This engaging and educational game takes players through humanity’s incredible past, exploring significant moments and achievements in History.

Trekking Through History is a board game that combines strategy, geography, and History to create an immersive gaming experience. Players travel through time, visiting various historical sites and events, all while collecting points for their knowledge of History.

How to Play:

  • Set up the game board and place the historical site cards in their corresponding locations.
  • Each player receives a player board, resource tokens (food, tools, and culture), and a starting location on the map.
  • Determine the player order and place the turn order markers accordingly.
  • Place objective cards face-up near the game board.
  • On each turn, players can perform any combination of the following actions:
    • Move: Spend food tokens to move across the board, following the paths between locations.
    • Visit a site: Spend the required tools and culture tokens to visit a historical site and collect the corresponding knowledge card.
    • Acquire an objective: Complete the requirements listed on an objective card and claim it for points.
  • Players can also trade resources with other players or discard knowledge cards to gain additional resources.
  • The game continues until one of the following end-game conditions is met:
    • All objective cards have been claimed.
    • Depending on the number of players, many knowledge cards have been taken.
  • Players tally their points from knowledge cards, objective cards, and any remaining resources.
  • The player with the highest total points wins the game.

One of the standout features of this game is its educational value. As players traverse the board, they will learn about important historical events, figures, and milestones. The game offers a fun and engaging way to teach players about History, geography, and the accomplishments of humanity.

The game play boasts high replayability thanks to its dynamic gameplay and various strategies. Players can explore new routes with each playthrough, visit historical sites, and employ different tactics to achieve victory. This ensures that no two games are the same, providing endless hours of entertainment.

Family game night

Trekking Through History is a captivating board game that combines strategy, education, and fun, making it an excellent addition to any game night or classroom setting. Its engaging gameplay, historical content, make it a must-have for history buffs, educators, and casual gamers alike. So why not embark on your trek through History and discover the incredible past that has shaped our world today?


Chronology Board Game

Players: 2-8 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 30-60 minutes

If you’re a fan of trivia games or love learning about History, you’ll want to check out Chronology. This fascinating board game challenges players to put historical figures and events chronologically. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the gameplay, benefits, and why Chronology is a must-have addition to your game collection.

One of the most significant benefits of playing this history board game is the educational value it provides. As players attempt to place events in their correct order, they naturally learn about various historical events and their significance. This makes this an excellent tool for teaching History at home and in the classroom.

How to Play:

  • Each player receives a random event card to start their timeline.
  • Players take turns drawing a card from the deck and reading the historical event aloud.
  • The player must guess where the event falls chronologically in their timeline.
    • If the guess is correct, the player keeps the card and adds it to their timeline.
    • If the guess is incorrect, the card is discarded, and the play moves to the next player.
  • The first player to build a timeline with 10 correctly placed events wins the game.

It is a fantastic way to bring family and friends together for a fun and engaging game night. As players take turns guessing the order of events, lively discussions and debates often ensue, leading to an enjoyable social experience for all involved.

Chronology is a must-have addition to any board game collection, thanks to its unique blend of educational value, social interaction, and replayability. Whether you’re looking to teach History fun and engagingly, bring family and friends together for a memorable game night, or test your knowledge of historical events, Chronology is the perfect choice.

History of the World

history of the world

Players: 3-6 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 2-3 hours

Board games have always been famous for people of all ages, providing a fun and engaging way to bond with friends and family. One game that has captured the imaginations of history buffs and casual gamers alike is “History of the World” by Z-Man Games. This exciting board game takes players on a thrilling journey through the annals of human history, allowing them to experience the rise and fall of great civilizations and relive epic moments from our collective past.

One of the standout aspects of “History of the World” is its engaging gameplay, which combines elements of strategy, resource management, and diplomacy. Players must carefully plan their moves, manage their resources, and negotiate with other players to achieve their objectives. This requires a delicate balance of offense and defense and a keen understanding of the game’s mechanics and historical context.

How to Play:

  • Acquire the most victory points by controlling regions, building monuments, and having historical events throughout the game.
  • The game is played over 7 rounds, called Epochs.
  • At the beginning of each Epoch, deal Empire cards to each player. The number of cards depends on the Epoch and the number of players.
  • Players choose one Empire card and pass the remaining cards to the next player. Repeat until all Empire cards are chosen.
  • Reveal Event cards equal to the number of players.
  • In turn order, players choose one Event card and resolve its effect.
  • Players place armies and cities on the game board according to their chosen Empire card.
  • Players may attack other players’ armies or cities to gain control of regions.
  • After all, players have taken turns calculating victory points for the current Epoch.
  • After the 7th Epoch, the game ends. The player with the most victory points wins.

“History of the World” is an excellent history board game designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, from seasoned board game enthusiasts to those new to the hobby. The game’s rulebook provides clear instructions and helpful illustrations, making it easy for new players to pick up the game quickly. The game also features a modular board and a wide variety of civilization cards, ensuring that no two games are identical. This high level of replayability means that this will remain a favorite in your collection for years.

History of the World | Board Game

So gather your friends, choose your civilization, and embark on a thrilling adventure through the annals of History with History of the World!

878 Vikings: Invasions of England

878 Vikings board game

Players: 2-4 | Age: 13+ | Game Time: 30-60 minutes

Are you a fan of historical board games with a twist of strategy and excitement? If so, then 878 Vikings: Invasions of England is the perfect history board game for you! This thrilling board game takes players back to the era of the Viking invasions of England, offering a unique combination of strategy, History, and fun.

One of the standout features of 878 Vikings is its innovative card-driven gameplay. Each player has a card deck representing historical leaders, events, and surprises. These cards add strategic depth and unpredictability to the game, as players must carefully plan their moves while adapting to the ever-changing circumstances on the board.

How to Play:

  • Set up the game board and components according to the scenario chosen.
  • Separate the Viking and English armies into their respective factions (colors).
  • Shuffle the Viking and English leader decks, and place them face down near the board.
  • Place each faction’s reinforcement tokens in their designated areas.
  • Each player chooses a side (Viking or English) and takes the corresponding cards, tokens, and dice.
  • Determine the starting player according to the scenario rules.
  • The game is played over a series of rounds, with each round consisting of the following phases:
    1. Draw Phase: Players draw one card from their leader deck and place it face up in front of them.
    2. Reinforcement Phase: Players receive new units based on the reinforcement tokens drawn during this phase.
    3. Leader Movement Phase: Players move their leaders and accompanying units across the game board. Movement can be done by land or sea, depending on the leader’s abilities.
    4. Battle Phase: A battle ensues if opposing forces occupy the same territory. Battles are resolved using custom dice, with the results determined by the symbols rolled.
    5. Control Phase: If a faction has units remaining in a city after a battle, they gain control of that city.
    6. Victory Point Phase: Players score victory points based on cities controlled, objectives completed, and other factors specified in the scenario.
    7. End of Round Phase: Check for game-end conditions (based on the scenario). If the game has not ended, proceed to the next round.
  • The game ends when one of the end-game conditions specified in the scenario is met.
  • The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

With its engaging gameplay mechanics and countless strategic possibilities, it offers high replayability for severe and casual gamers alike. The game can be played with 2-4 players, making it an excellent choice for couples, families, or small groups of friends. Additionally, the game includes multiple scenarios and optional rules, allowing players to customize their experience and explore new strategies with each playthrough.

878 Vikings: Invasions of England

878 Vikings: Invasions of England is a captivating and strategically rich board and card game that transports players to the era of Viking conquests. With its immersive components, innovative card-driven gameplay, this game will become a favorite among fans of historical and strategy games. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of board games, this is a must-have addition to your gaming collection!

Civilization: A New Dawn

Civilization A New Dawn

Players: 2-4 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 1-2 hours

Have you ever dreamt of building your empire and ruling the world? With the Civilization: A New Dawn board game, you can immerse yourself in an epic journey of strategy, diplomacy, and conquest. Based on Sid Meier’s popular video game series, this tabletop adaptation allows players to create civilization, expand territories, and compete for ultimate dominance.

One of the standout features of Civilization: A New Dawn is the variety of paths to victory. Players can tailor their strategies to suit their preferred playstyle, making each game a fresh and engaging experience. For example, suppose you’re a fan of military might. In that case, you can focus on building a formidable army and conquering your opponents. Alternatively, you prefer a more peaceful approach.

How to Play:

  • Choose a civilization to play as
  • Shuffle the map tiles and build the game board
  • Lay out the event cards and choose a starting player
  • Each turn, players perform three actions in any order: Move units, explore, or develop their civ
  • Players can also spend resources to gain new technologies, build wonders, and recruit leaders
  • Players must manage their population, happiness, and military strength
  • Players can win through military conquest, scientific advancement, cultural influence, or economic supremacy
  • The game ends when a player reaches one of the victory conditions or when the event deck runs out of cards.

With its diverse civilizations, leaders, and strategies, this history board game offers exceptional replayability. Players can experiment with different combinations of leaders, terrains, and tactics, ensuring each game is a fresh and exciting challenge. Additionally, the modular board design means that the game’s landscape constantly evolves, presenting players with new scenarios and obstacles to overcome.

Civilization: New Dawn game pieces

Civilization: A New Dawn is an engaging and immersive board game that brings the excitement of Sid Meier’s beloved video game series to life. Its strategic gameplay, unique features, and endless replayability make it a must-have addition to any board game collection. This will provide hours of enjoyment as you forge your path to victory, whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer to the world of tabletop gaming!

The 7th Continent

7th the continent cards

Players: 1-4 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 1000+ minutes

The 7th Continent is a unique cooperative exploration board game that transports players to a mysterious and uncharted island filled with adventure, danger, and intrigue. Designed by Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter, the game offers an immersive experience that challenges players’ survival skills and strategic thinking. With its rich narrative and interactive gameplay, it is an engaging and unforgettable journey for casual and seasoned board game enthusiasts.

In The 7th Continent, players assume the roles of early 20th-century explorers who have ventured into the unknown, seeking to unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic land. Together, they must overcome challenges, gather resources, and solve riddles to progress through the game and lift the curse that haunts them.

How to Play:

  • The goal of The 7th Continent is to lift the curse(s) affecting your character(s) by exploring a mysterious continent and overcoming various challenges.
  • Players take turns performing actions, such as moving, crafting, hunting, and resting.
  • Players must draw a minimum number of cards from the action deck to act and obtain several success symbols (stars).
  • Players can play cards from their hands to increase their chances of success.
  • After resolving the action, players can keep one card from those drawn and discard the rest.
  • When encountering new terrain, draw and place the corresponding terrain card adjacent to the current one.
  • When facing challenges, follow the instructions on the terrain or event cards.
  • To win, players must complete the objectives outlined in their chosen curse card.

A rich narrative is brought to life through its beautifully illustrated cards depicting many creatures, characters, and locations. Each card offers a glimpse into the game’s intricate world, inviting players to delve deeper into its mysteries.

historical board game

The 7th Continent is a captivating board game that combines immersive storytelling, innovative game mechanics, and cooperative gameplay to create an unforgettable adventure. With its high replayability and customizable difficulty, this classic game offers endless hours of entertainment for fans of exploration, strategy, and mystery.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned board game enthusiast, The 7th Continent promises a thrilling journey that will leave you eager to return to its enigmatic shores time and time again!

Concordia Game

Concordia board game

Players: 2-5 | Age: 12+ | Game Time: 90 minutes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can experience the thrill of building your empire with the captivating board game Concordia. This strategy-based game will transport you back to the days of the ancient Roman Empire, where you’ll compete against other players to dominate the Mediterranean through trade, expansion, and diplomacy. With its beautifully illustrated game board, meticulously designed components, and deeply engaging gameplay, Concordia will quickly become a favorite among casual and serious gamers.

Designed by Mac Gerdts and published by Rio Grande Games, Concordia is easy to learn but offers enough depth and complexity to keep even the most experienced gamers challenged and engaged. The game’s mechanics are smooth and intuitive, making it accessible to many players, from beginners to seasoned strategists.

How to Play:

  • Set up the game board, representing the Mediterranean region, and place starting cities and colonists for each player.
  • Each player receives identical action cards and a personal supply board to manage resources.
  • According to the setup instructions, place resource tokens, city tiles, and additional colonists on the game board.
  • Determine the starting player and begin the game.

During each turn, players perform the following actions:

  1. Play one action card from their hand and resolve its effect.
  • Architect: Move colonists and build houses in cities.
    • Perfect: Produce resources in a chosen province or collect bonus goods.
    • Mercator: Trade resources at the market and receive money.
    • Senator: Purchase new action cards (Personality cards) using resources.
    • Consul: Purchase a single Personality card at a reduced cost.
    • Diplomat: Copy the effect of an opponent’s previously played action card.
    • Proconsul: Perform a combination of the Senator’s and Architect’s actions.
  1. Optionally, purchase a new Personality card if the played action card allows it.
  2. Draw a new action card if the played action card requires it.
  • The game continues with players taking turns until the last stack of city tiles or Personality cards is depleted.
  • Trigger the end of the game and perform final scoring by evaluating each player’s action cards, controlled cities, and collected resources.
  • The player with the highest total score wins the game.

Concordia historical board Game

With its elegant design, engaging gameplay, and rich thematic elements, Concordia is a must-have addition to any board game collection. Whether you’re a fan of ancient History, a lover of strategic games, or simply looking for a unique and enjoyable gaming experience, this game delivers on all fronts.

So gather your friends and family, and prepare to embark on an epic journey with Concordia through the ancient Roman Empire.

5 Benefits of Playing the Best Historical Board Games

Deepening Historical Appreciation

Historical-themed board games offer players a unique, immersive experience that goes beyond traditional learning methods. By actively participating in these games, players gain a deeper appreciation for the events, cultures, and people that shaped our world’s History, making the past come alive engagingly and memorably.

Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills

These games often involve complex strategies, decision-making, and problem-solving, requiring players to analyze situations, weigh potential consequences, and adapt their tactics accordingly. By honing these essential skills in a fun and challenging context, many history game help players develop valuable critical thinking abilities that can be applied to real-world situations.

Father and son playing board game

Fostering Social Bonds

Playing history games encourages face-to-face interaction, collaboration, and friendly competition. As players gather around the table, they forge meaningful connections with family and friends, strengthening social bonds and fostering a sense of camaraderie. In an increasingly digital age, this opportunity for genuine human connection is more important than ever.

Appreciating Aesthetic Beauty and Craftsmanship

Many great history board game feature beautiful artwork, intricate designs, and exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the artistic styles and techniques of the time they represent. Players can admire and appreciate these aesthetic elements while playing the game, cultivating an appreciation for the artistic heritage of great games from different cultures and eras.

Enhancing Cultural Understanding

A great game often expose players to diverse cultures, customs, and perspectives, allowing them to learn about and appreciate the rich tapestry of human History. By engaging with these games, players can deepen their understanding of different cultures, foster empathy, and broaden their worldview, ultimately promoting greater tolerance and global awareness.

playing historical board game

In Summary:

As we conclude our exploration of the enchanting world of history board games, it’s clear that their appeal goes far beyond mere nostalgia or novelty. These games offer players a unique opportunity to engage with History in a tangible, immersive way while fostering meaningful connections with others. From ancient civilizations to more recent eras, they serve as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing us to experience firsthand the ingenuity, creativity, and spirit of the people who came before us.

history board game

In conclusion, the allure of history board games lies in their aesthetic appeal or cultural significance and the profound connections they foster between the past, the present, and our fellow human beings. By embracing these timeless games, we can enrich our understanding of History, cultivate empathy for those who came before us, and strengthen the bonds that unite the whole family and global community.

So, whether you’re an avid gamer or a curious novice, we encourage you to delve into the fascinating world of history board games and experience the unique blend of challenge, camaraderie, and discovery they offer. The past awaits, and the future of gaming is rooted in the rich stories and experiences that have shaped our world.

Let the timeless connection of these board games transport you on a journey through History, and may you find joy, wisdom, and inspiration along the way!