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Top 7 Trivia Card Games for Teens

Level Up Your Family Game Night with the Best Trivia Games

Are you looking for games to play to level up your family game night? Check out our handpicked list of the best teen trivia card games to make it an evening to remember!

teen friends playing cards

Playing trivia games can be a fun and engaging activity. It is a great way to test your knowledge, challenge your friends and family, and even allow you to learn something new. Trivia games are also great for social occasions, family gatherings, and parties. But when it comes to playing these games without examples, there are some additional challenges that you will need to take into account.

First, it is essential to understand the basic structure and rules of trivia games. Knowing how different questions are asked, how points are awarded, and what happens when someone answers incorrectly or incorrectly guesses is essential for any trivia game without examples. Additionally, players should be aware of any time limits or other restrictions that may be in place during their game.

When playing a trivia game without examples, it is important to remember that the goal is not necessarily to answer every question correctly but rather to outsmart your opponents by using tactics such as bluffing or guessing carefully. For example, suppose you know that a particular answer is correct, but there might be more than one correct answer. In that case, it might be better not to reveal the answer immediately but instead wait until another player reveals theirs first to increase your chances at winning points. Additionally, finding patterns between questions or looking for keywords can help you figure out an answer quicker than taking too long trying to find the perfect answer from scratch.

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Whether you’re playing with friends at home or competing online against players all over the globe, trivia games can provide hours of entertainment for everyone involved. The key is knowing how to play without examples so you can use strategies and tactics unique to this type of gaming to secure a win!

Test your knowledge and play the best trivia games:

Smart AssSmart Ass


Players: 2-6 | Age:12+ | Game Time: 30 minutes

Are you looking for a fun game with friends and family? Look no further than the Smart Ass trivia game from University Games. This game has been a favorite in households worldwide since its release in 2002.

Smart Ass is a hilarious and fast-paced game for any age group. The game’s goal is to be the first player to correctly answer all questions in each round based on clues given by other players. Players are challenged with questions about history, science, geography, and pop culture.

How to Play:

  • Players can give answers at the same time, which adds an element of competition and excitement.
  • Getting an incorrect answer doesn’t mean you lose points. Instead, it would help if you waited until someone else gave the correct answer before you could continue playing.
  • Smart Ass includes expansion packs with dozens of topics ranging from sports to music to art history.
  • Bonus cards add extra points or let you take another turn if needed.

What makes Smart Ass even better is that it comes with loads of expansion packs, so you never get bored with playing the same game repeatedly. With dozens of different topics ranging from sports to music to art history (and many more!), there’s sure to be something everyone will enjoy playing! It also includes bonus cards that add extra points or let you take another turn playing board games if needed.

playing Smart Ass cards

If you’re looking for an easy-to-learn yet engaging trivia game, look no further than University Games’ Smart Ass! Its simple rules and fast pace make it perfect for parties or just a night at home with family members or friends; its expansion packs provide plenty of variety, so it’s always up-to-date; and its bonus cards add an extra bit of excitement sure to make any gathering even more enjoyable! So why not try out this fantastic trivia game today?

Zero to 100

zero to 100

Players: 2-12 | Age: 12+ | Game Time: 15 minutes

Whenever you hear the words “trivia game,” what comes to mind? For many, it’s a fun, lighthearted way to test your knowledge and has friendly competition. But for others, it’s an opportunity to learn new and exciting facts about something that can otherwise be an unappealing chore. The Scorpion Masqué Zero to 100 Game is aimed at just this type of person!

The Zero to 100 Game is a fast-paced trivia game designed with two levels of difficulty—zero and one hundred. For those looking for a lightweight challenge, the zero-level consists of basic trivia questions that are easy to answer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a challenge (and perhaps bragging rights), you’ll want to take on the one-hundred level, which provides more challenging questions and requires more thought.

How to Play:

  • To begin playing, all players should grab a deck of cards containing trivia questions with four possible answers on each card.
  • When a player selects a card from the deck, they must decide which level (zero or one hundred) they want to play on and then select their answer option.
  • Once an answer is chosen, the timer clock starts ticking. The next player must select their card and answer without consulting other players.
  • A hint will be provided if an incorrect answer is selected, but no points are awarded for guessing incorrectly.
  • Players can continue until they get through all the cards in the deck or until time runs out!
  • At the end of each game round, points are tallied up, and the winning team is declared!

playing zero to 100 cards

Another significant aspect of this fantastic game is its user-friendly design which makes it suitable for everyone regardless of age or experience. Plus, with its handy travel box included in every purchase, taking the game around wherever you go is as easy as packing away this classic yet fresh gaming experience that fits into your luggage or bag when traveling or heading off on vacation!

Suppose you love trivia games but are tired of being stuck in front of a television screen during your playtime. In that case, Zero to 100 may be precisely what you’re looking for. With its choice between two different levels and an exciting timer clock system all in one neat package, this top trivia board game offers players an exciting way to challenge themselves—or each other—in a fun and engaging manner that will leave them feeling victorious after every round!

Half Truth Game

Half Truth Game

Players: 2-6 | Age: 12+ | Game Time: 15-30 minutes

Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge of the world in an exciting new way? Look no further than the thrilling trivia game Half Truth! It’s an excellent game for both groups of adults and families alike. In this game, a number of players must answer questions about various topics with only two choices presented as partial truths.

This game is designed for 2 or more players ages 8 and up. It can take 10 minutes or less per round, depending on the player’s experience with this type of trivia game. Half Truth also makes a great party game since anyone can join without special trivia knowledge or preparation. Because each card features different topics, all players should be able to participate regardless of their background or expertise in certain areas.

How to Play:

  • Players must choose which of the two “half-truths” on a card is actually true before time runs out.
  • There are 400 double-sided question cards featuring 800 unique questions that vary in difficulty from easy to hard.
  • Each card contains two related answers, but only one is correct.
  • Players receive 4 tokens per person (50 total).
  • The winner of each round is the player who guesses the correct answer with their remaining tokens.

Half Truth Game pieces

Half Truth is an exciting and entertaining quiz game that tests your knowledge across many fields while still being fun enough for family get-togethers! With its diverse range of topics and simple yet challenging mechanics, Half Truth appeals to all quizzers – from novice learners just starting with these games to expert puzzlers who love putting their brainpower to the test!

Urban Trivia

Urban Trivia

Players: 4-20 | Age: 13+ | Game Time: 30 minutes

Urban Trivia is a one-of-a-kind trivia game that will captivate and entertain any crowd. You can quickly get your game night going by bringing the urban culture to your fingertips. Whether you’re into music, sports, TV shows, or even celebrities, Urban Trivia is the perfect choice for your next gathering.

The first thing you’ll notice about Urban Trivia is its top-notch quality. The set comes with four decks of 108 cards each (432), featuring over 1500 questions from different urban-related categories and many topics concerning African American communities’ culture, style, and lifestyle across the United States. With Urban Trivia, you don’t have to worry about coming up with topics or struggling to find interesting content – it’s all right in one box!

How to Play:

  • Choose between single or team mode
  • Draw a card from the deck and read the question out loud
  • Players must answer the question within three minutes
  • Each correct answer is given 1 point
  • At the end of the 3 minutes, whichever player(s) has the most points wins

Urban Trivia has plenty of advantages: it’s easy to learn, affordable ($25), and fun for everyone involved – regardless of age or knowledge level. However, some people might find it too challenging as some questions are pretty tricky for casual players, and those unfamiliar with African American culture may be disadvantaged. Additionally, the viewing angle of players might be obstructed if multiple people are playing together since each card is shared around before being thrown away after use.

urban trivia game pieces

Urban Trivia can provide an educational yet enjoyable experience for anyone who picks it up! It’s great for family game nights and more significant events like parties or reunions where you want something quick and easy to get everyone involved.

Whether you want to increase your knowledge of African American culture or have fun with friends and family, this game will indeed please!

Everybody Knows!

Everybody Knows!

Players: 2-6 | Age: 12+ | Game Time: 20 minutes

Endless Games Everybody Knows! is a trivia game for the entire family. This game contains over 1200 questions from various categories, including current events, music, sports, and history. With its unique combination of entertaining questions and intriguing puzzles, this game is excellent for young children to older adults.

The game consists of two parts—the quiz cards, which contain the questions and answers, and the puzzle cards, which require players to uncover clues to answer a question. All players start trying to collect the right number of correct answers to win their turns and move ahead on the board. Meanwhile, they’ll have to use their logic and deduction skills to determine which clues belong to which questions. It’s an ever-changing challenge that will keep you all engaged as you play. Playing with multiple people is even better since each player can bring different knowledge and insights.

How to Play:

  • Each player starts with the same number of tokens to mark their spaces on the board.
  • Players must collect enough correct answers to win turns and progress around the board.
  • Players can earn extra tokens by correctly answering questions from both quiz and puzzle cards.
  • Players must use their logic skills to discover the solution by uncovering hidden clues when playing puzzle cards.
  • The first player or team to reach the board’s end wins the game.

Everybody Knows! game pieces

One thing that makes Endless Games Everybody Knows! Stand out is its quality. All the materials are high quality; everything has been designed for maximum durability, from the boards to the cards and tokens. Furthermore, all questions provided in this game are written by expert writers who have done their research extensively. Hence, you know that whatever you read is accurate and up-to-date.

Finally, this trivia game is also very reasonably priced for what you get out of it—all those components plus hours upon hours of enjoyment added to make this an excellent value purchase. Whether you play at home or take it with your family on vacation or long car rides, Endless Games Everybody Knows! It promises an entertaining experience sure to please everyone involved.

Brilliant or BS?

Brilliant or BS?

Players: 4-6 | Age: 14+ | Game Time:

Have you ever wondered who comes up with the answers to trivia games? How do they know what’s correct and what’s not? That’s why we love Brilliant or BS!? The game is a fun twist on classic trivia, testing your knowledge with questions about true or false facts.

In ​Brilliant or BS?, players are split into two teams: The Know-Alls and The No-Gooders. Each team guesses whether given facts are true or false and then argues the merits of their case. It’s like the classic “He said/She said” but much more exciting! One thing that sets Brilliant or BS! Apart from other trivia games, it allows for more than one correct answer — you can be both right and wrong depending on how you argue your case.

How to Play:

  • Two teams, The Know-Alls and The No-Gooders will compete in the game.
  • Each team will take turns guessing whether the facts are true or false.
  • After guessing, each team must argue their case and defend why they believe their answer is correct.
  • Once both sides have argued, players must vote on the most convincing based on their discussion points.
  • Players can also look up evidence and research their answers to make sure theirs is an educated guess at best!

But don’t worry if some questions stump you – ​Brilliant or BS? Encourages people to look into the evidence and research their answers to be sure theirs is an educated guess at best! That makes it such an entertaining experience – learning while having fun simultaneously!

teens playing Brilliant or BS? game

Overall, ​Brilliant or BS? It enriches your knowledge base and allows you to challenge yourself while having fun. It combines entertainment and critical thinking skills in one exciting game that will make it a hit among friends (and family)! So go ahead and try it – you won’t be disappointed!

Movie Mind

Movie Mind


Players: 2-9 | Age: 14+ | Game Time: 60 minutes

Do you love the cinema? Are you the king or queen killer trivia game of movie trivia? Then you will want to experience Movie Mind! A fun game for four adults, it keeps up to eight people challenged and entertained.

Movie Mind is an exciting trivia game from Amazon that tests and stimulates your knowledge of everything cinematic! With 500 unique questions covering over 80 years of film history, there’s plenty of content here to keep everyone guessing. The diverse categories include Action/Adventure, Comedy, Animation, and Fantasy. For example, you might need to know who composed the score for the classic western ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’!

How to Play:

  • Players are split into teams or can play individually, with an even number of members in each team.
  • Answer as many questions as possible within the designated time (usually 60 minutes).
  • Keep track of points for each team during and at the end of the game.
  • Helpful clues will be available if a question is tricky – use them wisely!

friends playing Movie Mind

Plus, it doesn’t take long to play either – most games last about 60 minutes (depending on group size). So if you’re having friends over for dinner or a weekend gathering – don’t let them leave without playing Movie Mind! With rounds such as ‘Name That Actor’ and ‘Key Scene Showdown’ – it the local game store’s sure to bring out some friendly competition amongst your guests.

People everywhere have noted how much they enjoy playing this title in their homes with friends and family, so why not see the fuss? After all, nothing beats relaxing in good company while testing your movie knowledge with an interactive board game. So pick up your copy today and experience the ultimate movie night at home!

Sharpen Your Mind with These 5 Perks of Trivia Games

Improves Memory

Trivia games are great for improving your memory. By answering the trivia quiz questions, you challenge your brain to recall facts and keep them in mind for an extended time.

Increases Knowledge

Playing trivia games is an entertaining way to increase your knowledge of history, geography, general knowledge, and even pop culture.

Promotes Social Interaction

Trivia games promote healthy social interaction by allowing friends and family to gather and play. It encourages people to talk, work together and come up with creative solutions while having fun at the same time.

teens having fun playing card games

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Playing trivia games helps you develop problem-solving skills since you must think critically and quickly to answer the questions correctly. This can be especially beneficial for children as it helps them develop critical thinking skills early on.

Improves Concentration Levels

Since trivia games focus on various topics simultaneously, they help improve concentration levels by training your brain to focus without getting distracted easily.

teens playing cards

In Summary:

Family game night is about having fun, but why not make it even more exciting with the best trivia card games? Trivia games are a great way to engage multiple generations in an activity everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a way to pass the time or something to challenge your mind, the best trivia board games and card games offer something for everyone. You can quickly level up your family game night with many options.

From playing a classic game to newer trivia board games, there’s a trivia game out there for every kind of player. The convenience of storing many cards inside one box makes them easy to transport and keep organized during travel. And don’t forget the learning bonus – trivia card and board games can include questions from various topics, so you can educate yourself while having fun!

happy friends playing cards

The choice is yours when deciding which type of card game works best for your family game night! Examine what types of games are available and try to pick one that will be engaging and entertaining on various levels.

So whether you want something competitive or cooperative, classic or modern – it won’t be long before you immerse yourself in a rewarding trivia card game experience with your family!

–This blog talked about the best trivia games for teens, including Zero to 100, Half Truth Game, Urban Trivia, Everybody Knows!, Smart Ass, Brilliant or BS?, and Movie Mind. Hit the comments and let us know which games you’d like to hear about!