Creative Board Game Storage Ideas to Level Up Your Collection

Discover ingenious and creative board game storage ideas to enhance and organize your collection, taking your gaming experience to the next level!
Creative Board Game Storage Ideas to Level Up Your Collection

Why Board Games?

Board games have seen a resurgence in popularity recently, and there are several reasons behind this trend.

One of the major factors is the desire for more inclusive and social activities, as opposed to digital media which can often be isolating. Board games encourage direct interaction and engagement between players, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie that many people crave in today's tech-dominated culture.

The rise in popularity of board games can also be attributed to the increasing variety and abundance of modern board games. This has allowed for a feedback loop where more people gain insight into these games, thus increasing their popularity even further. It's also worth noting that certain types of games, like strategic card games, have seen significant growth, with games like Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering experiencing a 208 percent increase in popularity!

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Board games have a unique ability to mimic reality while still providing a fun and engaging experience. They fall into various categories, allowing players to choose games that align with their interests. This versatility makes them appealing to a wide range of people.

Board games are also a great idea for family nights and parties due to their ability to bring people together. They provide a platform for authentic social interactions and can lead to memorable experiences.

This just leads to one big "problem." When you realize the allure of board games and start collecting them, how do you store board games with little space and keep them organized?

Today we will dive into the world of board game storage. Ready? Read on!

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Why Board Game Storage Solutions Matter

Keeping board games organized is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to preserve the lifespan of the games and ensures that they can be enjoyed for a longer period of time. Proper game organization also prevents damage to game components, such as warping boards or lost pieces, which can occur when games are not stored correctly. Additionally, organizing board games makes it easier to find and access specific games, enhancing the overall gaming experience and making it more convenient for players.

Solutions for Board Game Storage

Genius Garage Organizer Ideas for a Manageable Space

Keep it in the Closet

Utilizing a closet for board game storage can be an efficient and practical way to keep your collection organized and easily accessible. By implementing closet organizers and maximizing the available space in the game closet, you can create a dedicated area for storing board games while keeping them in excellent condition.

Closet Organizers: Investing in closet organizers such as shelves, drawers, and bins can greatly streamline the storage of board games. Adjustable shelves provide flexibility to accommodate games of varying sizes, while drawers and bins help keep smaller game components, such as cards and dice, organized and prevent them from getting lost. Additionally, using label holders or adhesive labels on the organizers can make it easy to identify the contents of each storage compartment at a glance.

Maximizing Space: To maximize the space within the closet, consider utilizing vertical storage. This can be achieved by installing tall shelving units or stackable storage cubes to make use of the vertical height of the closet. Additionally, utilizing the back of the closet door by adding an over-the-door organizer or hanging storage pouches can provide additional space for storing smaller games or accessories. If space allows, incorporating pull-out drawers or rolling carts can make it easier to access games stored at the back of the closet without having to unload the entire shelf.

Protection and Preservation: To ensure the longevity of your board games, it's essential to store them in a manner that protects them from damage. Consider using shelf liners to cushion the surfaces where the games are stored, preventing wear and tear on the boxes. If the closet is prone to moisture or temperature fluctuations, silica gel packets or dehumidifiers can help control humidity levels and protect the games from potential damage.

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Multipurpose Storage Space

Multipurpose storage spaces, such as furniture with built-in storage compartments, offer practical solutions for organizing board games while also serving other functional purposes within a living space.

Ottomans with Storage: A storage ottoman  serves multiple functions as it can be used as a seat, footrest, and storage unit. This makes it an excellent choice for storing board games while offering additional seating and a stylish aesthetic.

Modular storage cubes : Modular storage cubes and shelves, such as IKEA KALLAX shelves or click-together organizers, provide customizable storage options for board games. Their versatility in accommodating various game sizes and configurations makes them popular choices for many board game enthusiasts.

Extendable Board Game Tables: Extendable board game tables with built-in storage compartments offer a dedicated space for playing and storing board games, providing a dual-purpose solution for gaming and storage needs.

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Incorporating Baskets and Zipper Bags: Using storage baskets and zipper bags within furniture with storage compartments can help further organize and categorize board game components, making it easier to locate specific games and accessories.

Unconventional Storage Solutions

Unconventional board game storage solutions offer creative and unique ways to organize and store board game collections. These out-of-the-box approaches can add personality and style to a living space while effectively managing board game storage needs. Here are some unconventional board game storage organization ideas and their benefits.

3D-Printed Custom Inserts: 3D printing custom inserts and organizers tailored to specific board games can provide an innovative solution for storing game components. These inserts can be designed to fit inside the original game boxes, optimizing space and ensuring that all components remain organized and secure.

DIY Furniture and Storage Units: Building custom furniture and storage units designed specifically for board games offers a personalized and customizable approach to storage. This can include building shelves, display cases, or multi-functional gaming tables with built-in storage compartments.

Upgrade An Old Board Game By Turning It Into A Table

Upcycling and Repurposing Furniture: Upcycling old furniture or repurposing items such as vintage suitcases, chests, or cabinets can add character to the storage solution while providing ample space for board games. These unique pieces can become eye-catching conversation starters in a room.

Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves: Wall-mounted floating shelves offer a space-saving and visually appealing option for showcasing board games as part of the room's décor. Mounting shelves at different heights creates an artistic display while keeping the games easily accessible.

Antique Trunks and Chests: Antique trunks and chests can serve as charming and nostalgic storage solutions for board games. Their sturdy construction and spacious interiors make them ideal for housing board game collections while adding a touch of vintage flair to the room.

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How to Maintain a Neat and Tidy Board Game Collection


Sorting and categorizing

Organize your games into categories based on type (e.g., card games, strategy games, party games) or genre (e.g., fantasy, sci-fi, historical). This makes finding the game you're in the mood for easier. This system helps you quickly locate games based on your desired experience, whether it's a light-hearted party, game night, or a deep, strategic challenge.

Labeling and indexing

By labeling each game or its storage container , you're essentially giving it a name tag – a clear marker that distinguishes it from the rest. This makes it easy to identify games at a glance, whether they're stacked on shelves or tucked away in boxes. No longer will you need to sift through piles of games to find the one you're looking for; with a quick glance at the label, you'll know exactly where to find it.

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Utilizing Technology

High-tech board game storage solutions incorporate advanced technology to streamline organization, enhance accessibility, and elevate the gaming experience. Here are some innovative high-tech storage options for board games:

RFID-Enabled Storage Systems: Implementing RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology allows for seamless tracking and organization of board game components. Each game box or component can be tagged with an RFID chip, enabling automated inventory management and quick identification of missing game pieces anywhere.

Smart Storage Containers with Inventory Management: Smart storage containers equipped with sensors and connectivity features can automatically update a digital inventory of stored board games and game components. Users can access this inventory via a mobile app, allowing them to check the availability of specific games and components in real-time.

Automated Sorting and Retrieval Systems: Utilizing robotic systems or automated storage units with customizable compartments enables efficient sorting and retrieval of board game boxes. These systems can be programmed to categorize games based on various criteria and retrieve specific titles upon command.

Integrated Digital Cataloging and Library Management: Digital cataloging platforms and library management software specifically designed for board game collections enable users to create a detailed digital inventory. These platforms often offer features such as game tracking, lending management, and personalized recommendations based on the collection.

Augmented Reality (AR) Game Locator Apps: AR-based apps designed to locate and organize board games within a storage space can provide an immersive and interactive experience. By using a smartphone or tablet, users can visualize the location of each game within their storage unit through AR overlays.

Online communities and resources

Online communities dedicated to storing games and sharing resources serve as vibrant hubs where knowledge and camaraderie flourish. These digital spaces are not merely repositories of information; they are bustling forums where enthusiasts from all corners of the globe converge to exchange ideas, tips, and strategies.

Within these communities, members come together to discuss everything from innovative storage solutions and organization techniques to the latest game releases and expansions. Whether you're a seasoned collector seeking advice on preserving vintage editions or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes of game maintenance, there's a wealth of expertise waiting to be tapped into.

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For the Super Serious, High-Value Collector - Renting Board Game Space

For individuals with large board game collections, especially those containing rare and valuable game boards, renting space in a humidity-controlled storage locker with security measures can be a prudent and practical approach to safeguarding their treasured collection. Here's why this storage solution is beneficial.

Protection from Environmental Factors: Humidity-controlled storage lockers provide a stable environment that helps protect board games from the adverse effects of fluctuating humidity levels. This is particularly important for preserving the integrity of game boards, and preventing warping, mold, and deterioration caused by excessive moisture.

Security Measures for Valuable Collections: Renting a storage locker equipped with robust security features, such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and on-site security personnel, ensures that the board game collection is safeguarded against theft and unauthorized access. This is crucial for valuable and rare game boards that hold significant monetary and sentimental value.

Adequate Space for Organized Storage: Large board game collections often require considerable space for organized storage, especially if they include oversized or collector's edition game boxes. Renting a dedicated board game storage space or locker provides ample room to arrange the collection systematically, minimizing the risk of damage due to overcrowding or improper storage conditions.

Preservation of Rare Game Boards: Rare and collectible game boards, including vintage or limited-edition titles, require meticulous care to maintain their condition and value. Storing them in a controlled environment with regulated humidity levels can contribute to the long-term preservation of these unique pieces, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for years to come.

Frees Up Living Space: By relocating the board game collection to a secure storage facility, individuals can free up valuable living space in their homes while still retaining easy access to their favorite board games, when needed. This can contribute to a more organized and uncluttered living environment.

How to Protect and Preserve your collection

Sleeve your cards and components

Sleeving your cards is a bit like giving them a protective cloak, shielding them from the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. It's an easy and practical way to extend the lifespan of your favorite games and keep them looking fresh for many plays to come.

When you sleeve your cards, you're essentially encasing them in a thin, transparent layer of plastic. This extra layer adds a level of durability, protecting your cards from spills, stains, and smudges. It also helps prevent the edges of the cards from fraying or bending, which can happen over time with regular handling.

Click here to find protectors for your cards.

Board Game Card Sleeves - To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve - Inside Up Games

Appropriate humidity and temperature control

Create a comfortable home for your board games by keeping the temperature moderate (not too hot or cold), humidity, levels stable (not too dry or damp), and giving them enough space to breathe. Aim to keep your gaming area ideally between 60°F to 75°F (15°C to 24°C). Keep a relative humidity level of around 40% to 60% to keep your games happy and healthy. You can use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels in your gaming area and make adjustments as needed.

From Clutter to Clarity

Board game storage, particularly when tailored to the needs of the collection, offers a multitude of benefits. Whether it's utilizing creative solutions like 3D printing, DIY furniture, and antique trunks, or integrating high-tech solutions such as smart containers, digital cataloging, and AR game locator apps, each approach presents unique advantages. They not only help to maintain the organization and integrity of the games but also contribute to preserving their value, especially for rare and valuable game boards.

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Moreover, for larger collections, renting a humidity-controlled storage locker with security measures can provide an added layer of protection against environmental damage and unauthorized access. Ultimately, investing in proper board game storage enhances the longevity of the games, ensures easy accessibility, and can also serve as a visually pleasing addition to your living space.

Say goodbye to clutter and keep your board games organized. Explore our board game storage solutions today!