Our Story

Board Game Fun's journey began out of necessity during the pandemic. Like many parents, we noticed our 4 and 6-year-old kids getting lost in screens, glued to TV shows and YouTube, even at the dinner table. We felt guilty and concerned for their well-being as we noticed the addiction growing and starting to affect their behavior. It was time for a change.

That's where board games came in, a shared love in our household. But not just any games – we wanted to play games that our kids would love, games that were just the right length…bye-bye, endless Monopoly! Most importantly, we wanted to play games that were fun for us parents too!This was a challenge in itself, but we had a greater one on our hands…apparently, our daughter had inherited the competitive gene from her dad. It turns out she hated losing! Have you ever had a child throw a hissy fit because things didn't go their way in a game? You know that moment could easily result in misery for everyone involved, and it’s quickly game over after that!If our plan of converting our kids into board game enthusiasts was going to work, game selection was crucial to everyone having a good time. Dramatic moments were not going to be 100% avoidable, but we would at least reduce the chances of tantrums by picking the right games. Setting expectations before starting to play was also huge in reducing the number of times our son messed up all the game pieces in a hissy fit!

As our family played more and more games together, we noticed our kids’ behavior improving. They started asking to play more at the table and watch less on the couch. I also discovered I had a knack for modifying rules (or coming up with my own) to make playtime more enjoyable. New game ideas would come to me all the time, and the kids even joined in on the fun, serving as inspiration for a few of our games! Designing new board and card games quickly became a passion of mine, and Board Game Fun was born!While the challenge to balance technology in our household remains, we’ve come a long way. At Board Game Fun, we are on a mission to get more families off screens and playing together. We strongly believe that playing more as a family is the best way to increase connection and create stronger relationships with your loved ones. We hope to inspire more families to take on this challenge and join us in this rewarding journey. Trust us, the path is well worth it. Just picture yourself gathered around the dining room table, playing and laughing with your family - those moments are pure magic.