A "Roarsome" Guide for Kids About Different Types of Dinosaurs

From the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex to the graceful Triceratops, this captivating guide introduce us to a diverse species of dinosaurs. Join us as we uncover the mysteries of the Jurassic era and bring these magnificent creatures back to life!

Dinos Among Us: Roaring Into the World of Dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered about the largest land animals that once ruled our planet? Or what would it be like if dinosaurs never became extinct and lived alongside humans? Well, get ready for a dino-mite adventure as we explore the incredible dinosaur species that once roamed the Earth (with a fun twist, of course)!

Read on to find out how your favorite dino would fit in today's modern world and uncover some fun facts about the dinos you love along the way. It's time to roar into action!

Dino Detectives

The exciting tale of how dinosaur classifications came to be is a bit like a mystery in the world of paleontology. It all started in the 19th century when scientists first began unearthing dinosaur fossils. These early explorers, like Sir Richard Owen, played detective, carefully studied the bones, and gave names to these ancient creatures.

It was Sir Owen who coined the term "Dinosauria," which means "terrible lizard." As more fossils of large species were discovered, experts began categorizing them into dinosaur groups based on their unique features. Fast forward to today, and we've got a fascinating system of classification that helps us unlock the secrets of these prehistoric giants!

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What's a Dinosaur?

So, what exactly is a dinosaur? Well, imagine a fascinating mix of lizard-like features, enormous sizes, and awe-inspiring coolness! Scientifically, however, dinosaurs are a group of ancient reptiles that ruled Earth during the Mesozoic Era, which lasted from over a hundred million years ago to 180+ million years ago. They came in all shapes and sizes, from the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex to the graceful Pteranodon. These magnificent beings have captivated our imaginations for generations, and their legacy continues to inspire and awe us today.


Dinosaur Families:

Dinosaurs were the original rockstars of Earth's history, strutting their scaly stuff with flair! Currently, we know of over 1,000 species, but paleontologists are still making discoveries.

Here we've listed 7 of the major dinosaur species for you:

  • Theropod dinosaurs

  • Sauropod Dinosaurs

  • Ankylosauria

  • Ornithopods

  • Ceratopsians

  • Theropod Dinosaurs ('beast footed')

  • Pteranodon

Theropod Dinosaurs ('beast footed')

This species was:

  • sharp-toothed

  • feisty

  • carnivorous dinosaurs

  • fierce claws

  • powerful jaws

Different Predatory Theropod Dinosaurs:

The major predators were:

  • Spinosaurus

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Ceratosaurus

  • Dilophosaurus

  • Oviraptor

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Dino's in Today's World?

So, what would the dinosaurs of ancient times do if they could live among us today? Let's use our imagination to find out!

Spinogaming Spinosaurus

Picture this: Spinosaurus, prehistoric river-dwelling dinos with massive jaws and intimidating sails, have traded their swampy stomping grounds for pixelated adventures in the world of video games! These clever dinosaurs have put down their fishy snacks and picked up controllers, ready to embark on virtual quests.

spinosaurus playing video games

Water-Blasting Tyrannosaurus Rex

Get ready to have fun, because the T. rex has traded its terrifying teeth for a water gun showdown! That's right, the king of the dinosaurs is now the king of water wars! With those itty-bitty arms, you might think the T. rex would be at a disadvantage, but don't be fooled! Its enormous head can hold a water gun the size of a bazooka, and its earth-shaking footsteps send tidal waves of fun across the backyard.

t rex with a water blaster

Ball Master Ceratosaurus

Ceratosaurus, the dino baller! :basketball: With its sharp reflexes and agility, this prehistoric star takes to the court with a basketball, dribbling and dunking like a pro. Who knew a carnivorous dinosaur could be so skilled in human sports? Ceratosaurus shows us it's all about having a great time, on and off the court!

Ceratosaurus playing ball

Soccer Star Dilophosaurus

Get ready for some dino-mite fun as the Dilophosaurus takes the field! With its sleek, sharp-toothed grin and a tail for balance, it is the ultimate soccer star. Watch as it dribbles the ball with its dino-claws, showing off some fancy footwork that would make even the fastest raptors jealous.


Dilophosaurus playing soccer

Dilophosaurus Strikes a Jurassic Pose

Get ready to say "cheese" with the most photogenic Dilophosaurus in the Mesozoic era! Sporting a pair of stylish frills and a big grin, it knows how to strike a pose. With its tiny arms, it's a real challenge to hold that phone, but this dino influencer has it down to a science!

Dilophosaurus having a selfie

No need for a selfie stick when you've got this kind of flair for photography! So, whether it's capturing the moment or just adding a touch of class to your feed, this is the dinosaur to follow for some truly jaw-dropping selfies!

Oviraptor's Dino-Dance Delight

Get ready to cheer, because it is the ultimate Oviraptor in the cheerleading squad! With feathers flying and claws in the air, it knows how to bring the prehistoric pep to any event.

Oviraptor in cheerleading

If you're in need of a dino-sized cheer at your next Jurassic gathering, it is the one to lead the charge, with roars and cheers that will make even the T-Rex jealous!

Sauropod Dinosaurs ('lizard-hipped')

These dinosaurs were:

  • gentle giants

  • long neck and tail

  • largest animals to ever walk the Earth

  • herbivores

  • walked on four legs

Different Types of Sauropod

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  • Brachiosaurus

  • Supersaurus

  • Seismosaurus

  • Argentinosaurus

  • Ultrasaurus

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Sauropods Among Us

What would these tall gentle giants do in our world? Let's find out!

Tall Hat, Tall Neck, and a Rockin' Guitar - Brachiosaurus

Introducing the longest dinosaur: Brachiosaurus. This gentle giant towers over the landscape, wearing a snazzy hat perched and strumming a guitar with tree trunk-sized fingers. BrachioStrum is a musical marvel, filling the air with melodies that echo through time. Its deep, rumbling chords could soothe even the largest dinosaurs into a daydream.

Brachiosaurus playing the guitar

So, if you ever find yourself in a time-traveling jam session, look no further than BrachioStrum for a dino-rocking good time!

Ankylosauria ('bony armor')

These dinosaurs were:

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  • armored

  • heavyweight

  • bony plates

  • herbivores

  • small, leaf-shaped teeth

Different Types of Ankylosauria:

  • Ankylosaurus

  • Stegosaurus

  • Kentrosaurus

  • Panoplosaurus

  • Polocanthus

Ankylosaurus Fact Sheet - Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Football Hero - Ankylosaurus

With its natural armor, we see Ankylosaurus as a natural football player! Wearing a helmet that looks like it's seen a few end-zone celebrations, it charges onto the prehistoric gridiron with a tail that could knock the spikes off a stegosaurus.

Ankylosaurus playing football

Thanks to those sturdy legs and an attitude as tough as its armor, this dinosaur is a real game-changer. When it takes the field, you better believe it's going to be a fossil-record showdown of touchdowns and tail whacks. Watch out T-Rex! This dino's bringing the thunder on and off the field!

Triassic Tickles: Ornithopods ('bird foot')

These dinosaurs were:

  • bird-footed

  • herbivorous diet

  • duck-billed dinosaurs

  • strong hind limbs

  • bipedal locomotion

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Different Types of Ornithopods

  • Parasaurolophus

  • Dryosaurus

  • Yandusauros

  • Rhabdodon

  • Zalmoxes

Parasaurolophus Puts the 'Skate' in 'Skateboard

Prehistoric dinosaurs Parasaurolophus have moves that are dino-mite on wheels! With its long, elegant crest swaying like a banner in the wind, it glides through the game like a true skateboarding sensation.

Parasaurolophus on  a skate board

If you ever spot a Parasaurolophus shredding it up on a skateboard, just know that it is rolling in style. Enjoy the show!

TriceraTreats: Ceratopsians ('horned dinosaurs')

These dinosaurs were:

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  • horned dinosaurs

  • impressive headgear

  • herbivorous diet

  • beady eyes

  • quadrupedal stance

Different Types of Ceratopsians

  • Triceratops

  • Koreaceratops

  • Protoceratops

  • Styragosaurus

  • Pentaceratops

dinosaur Triceratops

Tri-Tunes Triceratops

Meet Triceratunes, the grooviest triceratops in town! With a head as tough as its beats, Triceratunes is always rocking a stylish headset, jamming out to prehistoric tunes that would make even the T-Rex tap its tiny, tiny foot. Picture this: the three-horned dinosaur with shades on, bobbing its head to the rhythm while causing a Jurassic party wherever it roams. Triceratunes knows that when it comes to music, it's all about horns and harmony.

Triceratops listening to music

If you ever spot a dino with a headset, know it's time to join the dino dance party!

PteroPlay: Pteranodon ('flying reptile')

These dinosaurs were... not actually dinosaurs! They are flying reptiles from the fossil record.

  • impressive wingspan

  • crested skull

  • long pointed beak

  • flying reptiles

Different Types of Pteranodon

  • Pteranodon

  • Pterodaustro

  • Cearadactylus

  • Pterodactylus

  • Quetzalcoatlus

Pteranodon Pictures & Facts - The Dinosaur Database

Pteranodon Dial-ologue

Hold onto your hats, because the most chatty Pterodactyl is in the skies! While its wings flap to keep its balance, it hovers in mid-air while skillfully maneuvering its dino-sized smartphone with its beak!

Pteranodon calling on a phone

If you ever see a Pterodactyl hanging out on a high branch, chatting away on its phone, just remember that even in the ancient past, Pterophone kept the lines of communication open with a wing and a squawk!


Love Card Games? Check Out Save the Dinosaurs

Whew! We are learning a lot about natural history and having fun using our imaginations about what dinosaurs would be like if they lived among us. Let's take a quick break to learn about a way to have a dino-mite good time with our family and friends. It's a fun new card game called Save the Dinosaurs.

boy playing cards


Save the Dinosaurs is your ticket to a prehistoric party where all the dinosaurs belong to kids and the dinosaurs are the stars of the show. Your mission, if you dare to accept, is to rescue these colossal critters from the jaws of extinction. With heart-pounding gameplay, obstacles that'll give you a dinosaur run for your velociraptor money, and graphics so jaw-droppingly awesome, you'll be perched on the edge of your seat!

And the cherry on top? This dino-tastic game looks so rad, it's like stepping into a time machine that plops you right into Jurassic Park. Heck, you might even try to reach out and give 'em a high-five!

Your goal? Be the sharpest claw in the game, incorporate simple strategy, and snatch a dino meeple when any player collects five matching dino cards. Fail, and you might as well go EXTINCT in style! Every decision you make will steer the course of your epic game night.

Get ready to unleash your inner paleo-hero and save those dinos!

Meet Rexie, the roaring star of the Save the Dinosaurs card game! With a spiky personality and a heart full of dino-mite enthusiasm, Rexie is your prehistoric partner in saving the day. This lovable, scaly sidekick is always ready to stomp, chomp, and romp through exciting adventures, all while making you smile from ear to... well, where his ears would be if they weren't extinct!

Get ready to play, save, and have a roarin' good time with Rexie! 🦖

Rexie of save the dinosaurs game

5 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Kid Should Know

  1. Further evidence suggests that some dinosaurs were as heavy as a dozen elephants and as tall as a five-story building! The Argentinosaurus holds the record as one of the biggest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth!

  2. Did you know that many dinosaurs, like Velociraptors, had feathers? Yep, some of them looked closely related to modern-day birds, like big, colorful birds.

  3. Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for over 180+ million years ago, way before humans came along. Talk about being the ultimate time travelers!

What did the dinosaurs that used to hit the earth in ancient times look  like? - GIGAZINE
  1. The Tyrannosaurus rex had teeth about the size of bananas! Imagine brushing those pearly whites!

  2. Scientists still debate why dinosaurs disappeared, but one theory is a giant asteroid impact that caused a massive extinction event. Dinosaurs truly left their mark in the natural history record!

We Still Don't Know Why the Reign of the Dinosaurs Ended | Science|  Smithsonian Magazine

Well, there you have it, young adventurers! 🦕We've taken a whirlwind tour through the incredible world of dinosaurs. With the Save the Dinosaurs card game, you can embark on your own prehistoric rescue missions, using strategy and fun to protect these ancient creatures. Remember, in this game, you're the hero that dinosaurs need!

So, join the prehistoric adventure! Gather your tribe, strategize, and save the dinosaurs in this thrilling card game. Save them all! The heaviest dinosaur, the smallest dinosaur, the major theropods, and the duckbilled dinosaurs! Don't let history go extinct - Get ready to roar and Save the Dinosaurs!