Family Treasure Hunt Game

$29.95 $32.95 sale

Family Treasure Hunt Game

$29.95 $32.95 sale
Product description

AGE 4-8
30 MIN

Embark on a Treasure Hunt Adventure with the Whole Family!

Get ready for excitement and adventure with our Family Treasure Hunt Game! This active and engaging game will have your kids racing to uncover hidden treasures while honing their critical thinking and deduction skills by matching clue cards with items or locations around the house.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids aged 4-8
  • Stimulates imagination through picture and riddle clues
  • Encourages teamwork and physical activity
  • Perfect for birthday parties and group play

Make your child's birthday or holiday unforgettable with our brilliant treasure hunt game! It's the ideal gift for kids, siblings, friends, or anyone who loves indoor and outdoor play. Whether it's birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or any gathering, this game adds excitement to every occasion. Join the adventure today!

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